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Dr. Kip Litton, DDS Announces 24th Year of Practice

Simple practices have been found to be most effective at preventing oral problems over the years, reports the office of Dr. Kip Litton


Davison, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/28/2014 -- The office of Dr. Kip Litton, DDS, a dentist in Davison MI, this year celebrates 24 years in operation. Over those years, the doctor has seen or heard of many dental conditions and has helped thousands of patients return to or maintain their oral health. Needless to say, he has seen many changes and trends in dental care and has learned which ones work the best.

"The most important dental practices that patients can do at home aren't the interesting ones, but instead, should be routine practice for everyone who still has their teeth," said Annette of Dr. Litton's office. "People should brush their teeth twice a day, but it's just as important to floss every day. Flossing does two essential things: It helps prevent gum disease by disrupting bacteria that would ordinarily be able to sit on the gums between the teeth, and it helps prevent cavities from forming between the teeth."

Cavities between the teeth are some of the most annoying ones for patients because they usually affect two teeth instead of just one. This means that the dentist has to do two separate fillings to fix them, so they cost twice as much to repair. Anyone who's insurance doesn't cover the full cost of fillings will feel this bite their wallets as well as their mouths. Even so, the prevention of gum disease is even more important. Most deep pockets - symptoms of periodontal disease - end up between the teeth. This is because that's the area that is most often neglected in daily oral care.

"Some problems can't be prevented with home care," Annette noted. "People can have impacted teeth, which are teeth that haven't erupted properly and are effectively jammed below the gum line. Fixing impacted teeth requires surgery to remove the hidden or partially-hidden teeth, and is often done to stop pain or to prevent those teeth from becoming painful problems later on."

It used to be the case that people would have to go to outside offices for oral surgery, but now, it's usually considered one of the standard dental services Davison MI. Most of these procedures are fairly routine, but recently, Dr. Litton's office learned of a truly unusual case. "In India, someone was recently treated for a whopping 232 impacted teeth. This combined two conditions: Tooth impaction, and a runaway version of the odd case of continuing to grow new sets of teeth beyond the standard single adult set. We haven't seen anything that extreme yet in our office, but if we did, we could take care of it as part of our oral surgery services," Annette commented.

About Dr. Kip Litton, DDS
Dr. Kip Litton, DDS began practicing at his office in Davison in 1990. He and his office offer services for dental health maintenance, cavity repair, teeth straightening, tooth replacement, oral surgery, and more. Patients find him and his staff to be friendly and knowledgeable, and in recent years, the office has been voted the best dentist Davison MI by local papers.