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Dr. Kong's Anti-Aging E-Book 'Younger Next Day' Ready to Challenge Costly Cosmetic Procedures


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2015 -- People are gradually beginning to realize that most anti-aging creams and cosmetic treatments are not all they are cracked up to be. It is almost like a revolution has begun against everything that is dirty in the beauty industry.

This revolution has given way to credible doctors like F.Y. Kong (Ph.D) to reveal their years of experience. Dr. Kong, who has years of experience in performing skin tissue research, has recently launched the guide 'Younger Next Day' to challenge all those expensive beauty treatments that claim to work, but never do.

A true inspiration to other beauty doctors, Dr. Kong has devoted her entire career to understanding what actually makes people beautiful. Having her research papers published in a number of reputed magazines, including Nature, Dr. Kong has been attempting to help people get beautiful the easy and natural way. According to her, most expensive cosmetic products and procedures do only one thing: "damage the epidermis of the skin".

The cosmetic industry is one big trap for all those naive people who trust it blindly; and there is no doubt about it among professional physicians who have worked in the industry for decades. Dr. John Gaunson, one of the close friends of Dr. Kong, personally never likes to use anti-aging products, despite him being a part of the industry for nearly 11 years. In his own words: they just "contain too many chemicals that actually age your skin". According to him, 'Younger Next Day' is a book worthy of attention, as it preaches techniques that are natural and healthy, and not harmful in anyway.

Dr. Kong has personally tried all the techniques she outlines in her book. As a result of doing the same, she now has a face totally wrinkle-free at 30. That may not seem like much, but what is surprising is that her mom, who is 60, looks like she is 40!

But, despite the doctor having real experience in the industry, there are many skeptics who are calling her methods bluff. That is understandable, given that the beauty industry is an industry where pretty much anybody can claim to be an expert and see products sell. The industry has no regard for true experts, it seems.

Fortunately, Dr. Kong does not mind what her critics say. Her purpose behind writing her 70-pages long eBook is clear: to help others become beautiful quickly and cheaply. She even gives 6 bonus books and one very helpful video along with the book.

How successful her endeavor will be is yet to be seen, but judging by the words of her friends and close patients, one thing is sure: 'Younger Next Day' really works.

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About YoungerNextDay Anti-Aging E-Book
YoungerNextDay anti-aging E-book offers breakthrough anti-aging methods that help customers restore their youthful skin in short term. Created by Dr.Kong, who is a pharmacologist and have done skin researches for many years, Younger Next Day has a 100% commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction, backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Address: New York, NY, USA