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Dr. Kourosh Tavakoli Celebrates More Than 3,500 Successful Breast Procedures

Dr. Tavakoli Strives to Find the Solution Which Best Meets the Neesds of Each Patient


Double Bay, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- Breast implants first became available in 1895 when surgeon Vincenz Czerny created the first implant using adipose tissue from a patient to create a breast. The implant repaired asymmetry of the patient's breast that was created through the removal of a tumor. "Women now choose to have breast implant surgery for a number of reasons, including cosmetic. The skill of the plastic surgeon plays a large role in the success of the surgery so women must take care when choosing their surgeon," Dr. Tavakoli declares.

Women choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery for a number of reasons. Some feel they need to have work done after pregnancy or weight loss while others suffer from low self esteem and have since puberty. Dr. Tavakoli works with patients to understand their goals so the desired results are achieved. This requires precise pre-planning and meticulous surgery along with good aftercare," Dr. Tavakoli continues. "Thanks to nine years of experience completing procedures of this type, I have perfected the formula for successful, attractive and safe breast augmentation."

Approximately 20 percent of the practice focuses on revisional surgery. Women, after undergoing breast augmentation surgery, may find they have complications and severe psychological issues. Dr. Tavakoli understands and works with these patients to resolve the problems they are experiencing as a result of using a poorly trained surgeon. Poor healing and/or scarring also lead to issues which Dr. Tavakoli works to correct. "Every women should feel great about their body which is why I dedicate a portion of my practice to breast implant revision surgery and corrective breast implants," Dr. Tavakoli goes on to say.

Breast augmentation doesn't solve all problems though. Some women don't need breast augmentation as much as they need a breast lift. A breast lift improves the shape and positioning of the breasts without changing the actual size of the breasts. "Often this is all women need. Before any procedure is done, I sit down with the patient to determine what will help her to achieve her goals so she has the body she dreams of," Dr. Tavakoli states.

About Dr. Kourosh Tavakoli
Dr. Tavakoli specializes in breast enhancement and continues to be known in Australia for breast augmentation with thousands of successful breast implants completed. Patients across the country visit his clinic as he has made a name for himself when it comes to minimal-scar surgery of the face, body and breast. Expertise, artistry and experience remain the keys to success in the cosmetic surgery field and Dr. Tavakoli strives to provide patients with the best care possible in a friendly, professional and caring environment. Results look natural thanks to the experience of Dr. Tavakoli and his staff.