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Dr. Kruger's Arthritic Dog Supplements Offer Healthy Joints for Aging Dogs

With current controversies over optimal dog nutrition attracting attention among dog owners’ forums, Dr. Kruger has created new optimized nutritional supplements for dogs.


Lake Oswego, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2013 -- Discussion currently rages among pet owners over the best way in which to feed their pets in order to promote their continued health. The current discussion is dominated by the debate over raw vs cooked food, with the raw food camp claiming cooking leeches essential nutrients and cooked food camp countering that raw food contains harmful bacteria. Dr.Kruger suggests that they are both right, but their range of dietary supplements for dogs and cats can present the best of both worlds.

Dr Kruger has a range of natural dog supplements, from those that promote energy to those which produce a healthy coat and even those that help counteract the effects of arthritis in aging dogs.

The ingredients of the supplements are all naturally sourced but aim to safely replace nutrients leeched from cooked food in order to allow pet owners to feed their dogs safely and still give them the best nutritional value.

Their latest product is an arthritis dog supplement that relieves symptoms of arthritis, reducing stiffness pain, inflammation and swelling while improving nutrient absorption and promoting overall joint health. It is important to realize however that while these supplements have had documented restorative effects, these are first and foremost preventative aids, not cures, and so the earlier owners start feeding these supplements to their dogs, the better their longevity and quality of life will be.

A spokesperson Dr. Kruger explained, “There has been some controversy recently over the feeding of raw food versus the feeding of cooked food to dogs. In reality, while raw food proponents claim dogs would naturally eat raw food, the raw meats available for human consumption have actually been aged for several days, and as a result contain high levels of bacteria potentially harmful to dogs. Our supplements use only natural ingredients, and everything is cooked and naturally preserved in air tight canisters to ensure they of maximum benefit to a dog’s continued health and vitality.”

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Dr. Kruger is a leading online brand of nutritional supplements for dogs containing only natural ingredients designed to encourage the healthy metabolism of pets and promote their wellness into old age. The supplements are optimised for dogs, cats and puppies, and can form part of a dog’s normal diet when added to their favourite foods. For more information, please visit: http://drkruger.com/