Always About Smiles

Dr. Lambert Helps Patients Overcome Fear of Dentistry


Bethlehem, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2015 -- Some people hide their smile out of embarrassment, or put up with pain because they are afraid of injections. Dr. Thomas Lambert can bring about life-changing smiles, since he calms his patients' fears with desensitizing methods and relaxing behaviors that are sometimes combined with pre-medication before the appointment.

Dr. Lambert says, "By using these methods it can mean having years of missed dental treatments done quickly, with little or no discomfort."

"Desensitization action is what I've done with my office to quell patient's fears. Individuals no longer hear the "scary" drill noises because of sound buffers or smell the telltale odors of a dental office because of filtration," remarks Dr. Lambert. In addition Dr. Lambert offers many comforts.

Please Handle Me With Care is a checklist of concerns and the most common fears suffered by fearful patients. Please check off the appropriate responses and bring it to the first visit. We are committed to taking the time to get to know our patient's concerns, fears and dental expectations.

Comforts at the office include:

- Treatment chairs designed for comfort
- Calming sedative medications
- Neck pillows and warm blankets
- Latex-free office
- Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to relieve anxiety
- A brand new anesthetic called Articaine offering profound anesthesia
- Hot or cold scented towels for after treatment refreshment
- FM stereo/CD/Cable TV
- OraVerse ® to reverse anesthetic numbness after treatment

Dr. Lambert has strives to do his best to provide exceptional dental care he feels his patients deserve.

To make an appointment with Dr. Lambert call, 610-868-9928.