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Dr. Livingston's Fat Loss Program Experiences an Unprecedented Boost in Sales


Boise, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2015 -- Dr Charles Livingston is a name now commonly known in the digital world of weight loss. He first launched a weight loss program way back in 2012 and since then, he has been hailed as a leading weight loss expert and people from all over the world seek his advice on matters of body fitness. His first program was named Fat2Fit and it was immensely successful. Since he is a doctor, Charles Livingston takes a unique approach to the fitness model. He disregards the typical all-natural approach that his contemporaries seem to glorify. His technique is to mix the best aspects of nature with the best aspects of science to get a winning weight loss approach.

His newest weight loss program has been conceived after years of practice, experiments and research. He calls it the Fat Loss Factor and believes that by following the regime, people will be able to lose weight in a very short time. He took the best things from his Fat2Fit regime, improved on them, doubled a number of things and found out that results were achieved much quicker than ever before. The fat loss factor reviews have been gloriously positive. Not only are the weight loss critics hailing Livingston as a revolutionary but the customers of his product claim that they have never been able to achieve such magnificent results ever before.

What is so unique about the Fat Loss Factor is that not only does it work to detox one's body but it also undertakes a psychological approach. Customers will, therefore, not just train their bodies but their minds as well. They will learn to educate and train one's mind to help break old habits which may be leading towards weight gain. Newer habits, which are a lot healthier and more advantageous, are ingrained in the brain. Therefore, the body goes back to its natural state which is essentially a fat-burning system. The program looks to restore one's body to its natural state.

Livingston has also developed Fat Burners and according to the fat burners review, it has all the qualities of his successful weight loss programs combined with the newest innovations in the field. It is a perfect combination of the best in the traditional and contemporary approaches.

About Charles Livingston
Charles Livingston is a wellness practitioner certified by the state, a Chiropractic doctor and a regular public speaker. He has a degree from the Palmer College of Chiropractic and he graduated from the school with honors.

Company name: Dr Charles Livingston
State and country: Boise Idaho, USA