Dr. Mark Mitchelson from Australia Shares Top Fitness Tips for Busy Professionals


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2013 -- A renowned leading authority in the field of medicine, Dr Mark Mitchelson has been kind enough to share key information on the website to help the busy professional refine popular fitness techniques and properly manage their hectic schedules.

It is natural for a normal person to want to exercise as often as possible but the fact is with today's busy schedule it is somehow difficult to keep up with the fitness plan. A lot of people may even pay for gym classes but in the long run they stop attending it due to a lack of time. Dr. Mitchelson, who has been in the field for years, is now sharing some fitness tips for anybody that is willing to find 3 days out of the week and exercise. These tips are perfect for people who are very busy but are still willing to make that effort and find some time to exercise. Reading Doctor Mark Mitchelson’s fitness tips for busy professionals is highly recommended.

The fitness tips that Dr. Mitchelson is sharing at healthynewage are a good workout for the biceps, the triceps, the chest and affect the whole body. He goes through each of the 3 days during which the work out are supposed to take place and tells exactly what to do on each specific day.

The medical doctor also understands that people live in an environment where the weather keeps changing. Sometimes it is cold and some other time it is warm. That is why in his fitness tips he includes advice to help deal with the changes in the weather. Some light start up exercises are given to help warm up the body first before getting into the more demanding type of exercises. Each part of the body has been taken into account for maximum results.

Besides the core exercises it is important for the body to stretch as well. Dr. Mitchelson didn't leave that out. He gave a full paragraph with information about stretches like hamstring stretch, the psoas stretch and hyperextensions to balance up the muscle tone.

In his last remarks Dr. Mitchelson gives advice to help professionals keep the pace over the long term. This is what the editors of healthynewage had to say about the article: “We at healthynewage look forward to sharing more useful information from professionals to help readers meet their ideal fitness aspirations, we also advise readers to click here and become familiar safer weight loss measures. is a website which aims to provide readers with all the information they need to start living a healthy lifestyle that will reduce the need to visit hospitals often. Readers will learn to live the kind of life that will prevent them from falling ill by developing the right habits. The website also shares an extensive knowledge base full of medical illnesses, conditions and emergencies. Expanding on traditional western medicine we also look more eastwards towards alternative medicine and practices such as Yoga, Ayurveda, herbal medicine and many other natural health remedies.

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