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Dr. Mary Gingrass from the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville Details Implant Removal and Replacement with eHealth Radio Network

Breast augmentation is the most popular surgery in the country, and today, many women are opting to have implants removed or replaced


Nashville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2018 -- Dr. Gingrass, a board-certified plastic surgeon at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville recently discussed implant removal and replacement with eHealth Radio Network, detailing common breast implant complaints and causes for removal.

About Implant Removal and Replacement

To begin the conversation, Dr. Gingrass revealed as to why, in her experience, women choose to have their breast implants removed. Specifically, she noted that most women who inquire about breast implant removal are often the same women who had pursued breast implants before giving birth and/or going through menopause – two changes that can cause havoc on the female body. Further, the implants no longer fit with who they are, at this present time in their lives, leading to the desire for removal. Simply put, some patients no longer want their implants.

Dr. Gingrass went on to mention that, though it is not common for women to have their breast implants removed due to complications, this issue does happen from time to time. Particularly, breasts can become firm over time. Regardless, during every consultation, it is important to discuss why a patient wants her breast implants removed, or replaced, and how she ultimately wants her breasts to feel and look when the surgery is finished.

Removing implants is not a difficult process, and generally takes around an hour to complete. The surgery is outpatient, performed under general anesthesia, and most patients are permitted to shower the next day.

There is no rule or law that says implants should be removed or replaced at any certain time. Of course, if there is a sudden rupture or change in feeling (i.e. firmness), then it will be imperative to see a doctor. However, otherwise, the choice to have breasts implants removed or replaced is completely subjective and should be left up to each individual patient.

About Dr. Gingrass
A leading Tennessee cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mary Gingrass is a third-generation plastic surgeon who received her medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee in 1989. She then completed her residency in general and plastic surgery at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, before completing her training with a fellowship at Nashville Plastic Surgery, with an emphasis in cosmetic surgery and breast enhancement surgery.

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