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Dr. McElroy Provides Dental Care Minus the Dental Fear


Encinitas, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2015 -- Antipathy toward dental treatment is not unusual and is fear based. Nearly 50 percent of people begin to feel uneasy or stressed whenever thinking about visiting the dentist. Now, with sedation dentistry available, dental fear is becoming a distant memory. Dr. Greg McElroy knows that apprehension in the area of dental care is really a relatively typical fear.

"You are not alone and I want you to know that nearly half of people start to feel uncomfortable or stressed when contemplating going to the dentist or having some sort of treatment performed," remarks Dr. McElroy.

Dr. McElroy has compiled a list of well-known dental fears and he says, "If any of these pertain to you, don't hesitate to call us because we have solutions for dental fears. A common fear is of being embarrassed regarding the current condition of the teeth, fear of gagging, fear of pain and fear of injections." There are numerous other fears, including the fear of Novocain not working as expected or fear of dental noises and scents.

Dr. McElroy begins with a topical solution that 'pre-numbs' the injection area. Then the local anesthesia is used to completely numb the area being treated. Nitrous oxide (gas) can be used in addition to the local anesthesia to help the patient relax.

Conscious Sedation is another technique used for patients who are terrified to visit the dentist and who suffer with poor oral health as an outcome of that fear. Dr. McElroy is fully trained to administer medicine that makes the person completely unaware of the dental treatment. When your procedure is completed, you'll wake up and you won't remember any of the dental work.

A tip for lessening dental anxiety and fear would be to speak with Dr. McElroy, though it might be hard to speak about illogical fears with a stranger, "We could take additional steps during appointments if fears and anxiety are communicated. Together, we might pinpoint any special concerns or fears and will work towards alleviating these issues," states Dr. McElroy.

About Dr. McElroy
Dr. McElroy is a certified member and graduate of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation. He has been awarded a special permit and license to administer conscious sedation in the state of California. Dr. McElroy was one of the first dentists in the state of California to be awarded this special permit.

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