Dr Milton Mattox Is Reinventing the Art of Business Process Excellence


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- Following on from the success of his book 'RAIDers of a Lost Art: Reinventing the Art of Business Process Excellence', Dr Milton Mattox has recently published three articles on The context of these particular articles is “how to achieve goals in one's life and how to build trust in business organizations.”

The subject of the articles are thought provoking and they raise questions that Dr. Mattox hopes will result in open discussions and spark changes in the way individuals and businesses carry out tasks. Although the articles vary in topic, they have a similar theme, namely engaging in activities which will ignite positive change.

Followers of Mattox's work will look forward to the release of his new book 'It's Your Decision' in Fall of this year. Links to each of the articles are given below along with a brief topic description.

Five Steps to Achieving Goals in Your Life - It's That Easy

Visualisation plays an important role in this article, covering goal setting and the necessary steps towards achievement. The five steps highlight the value in successfully passing each one at a time.

The Human Urge to "Degrade Into Complexity"

In essence Dr Mattox believes there are far less complex ways of carrying out business processes. He discusses how measures can be taken not only to implement, but also to maintain more efficient, elementary systems in organizations.

How to Achieve Mutually Shared Respect, Support and Trust

This looks in depth at how an organisation in which there is a harmonious work environment and individuals respect, support and trust one another is going to maximise in efficiency and success.,-Support-and-Trust&id=7618088

Dr. Milton Mattox is a senior-level business executive and technologist who has worked with some of America's most acclaimed companies. An expert in software engineering, information technology, and quality process management, he continues to practice the process methodologies outlined in his current book, "RAIDers of the Lost Art: Reinventing the Art of Business Process Excellence," to successfully increase return on investment.

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