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Dr. Nadler and Associates Now Offering Game Ready Therapy


Newtown Square, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- When athletes get injured and need a chiropractor in Philadelphia, they go to Dr. Nadler and Associates for their state-of-the-art recovery technology. The practice is now offering Game Ready Therapy for athlete recovery. Game Ready is an advanced program designed to help manage edema, or swelling, in athletes. The therapy uses one adjustable system to administer intermittent compression and circumferential cold therapy. The patient wears a form-fitting but flexible wrap which has fluids cycled through it continuously throughout treatments, keeping the area cold for the patient’s comfort. Patients can even personalize their treatment with adjustable time pressure and temperature settings, and the device can treat injuries in the foot, ankle, shoulder, elbow, knee, and lumbar areas.

The key to Game Ready Therapy is its combination of adjustable cold therapy and intermittent compression. Cold therapy can decrease pain, muscle spasms, tissue damage, and swelling, which is why it is such an effective initial treatment for most injuries. Because Game Ready provides adjustable cold therapy, patients can receive customized treatment so they will be comfortable and have an easier time complying with therapy requirements.

Intermittent compression can help accelerate the healing process by limiting swelling and controlling edema formation more effectively than static compression. By conforming the compression wrap to the contours of the patient’s body, Game Ready Therapy intermittent compression aids delivery of the cold therapy.

Athletes need their bodies in optimum shape to perform. Game Ready knows how important this is and has developed a system to allow fast recovery of injuries over many parts of the body. For more information on their products visit http://www.gameready.com.

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