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Dr. Nadler and Associates Taking New Patients Suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Newtown Square, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2015 -- Countless individuals across the United States feel pain as they go about their daily lives. Also, although the advancement in technology offers benefits, many people are consistently using their smartphones or are in front of a computer screen for over eight hours a day. Individuals experiencing a sharp and often intense pain in their wrists, or finding that their palm and fingers are numb, are most likely suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Those who are trying to find chiropractic services in the Philadelphia, PA, area that treat carpal tunnel syndrome can turn to Dr. Nadler and Associates. In fact, Dr. Nadler is eager to announce that he is taking new patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, and those who need general chiropractic care, this August.

Those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome are often unable to go about their daily lives if they do not receive treatment. What's more, even though this condition commonly affects assembly line workers, carpal tunnel can affect athletes, computer programmers, writers, musicians and many others that are constantly putting stress on their hands.

One of the benefits of choosing Dr. Nadler is that he uses special techniques to relieve the median nerve and make the wrist more mobile. Dr. Nadler can manipulate and adjust wrists to ease pain, and will ensure that the patient receives the proper wrist support (like a wrist rest) while they are working or doing other activities. Lastly, patients will not feel the need to take pharmaceutical drugs such as Corticosteroids or opt for surgery unless Dr. Nadler deems it absolutely necessary.

Those who are looking for the best chiropractor in Delaware County, PA, to treat carpal tunnel syndrome will surely find relief with Dr. Nadler. To get in touch with his office about setting up an appointment, please call 610-353-3888 or fill out a contact form on his website.

About Dr. Nadler
For effective chiropractic care in the Philadelphia area, Dr. Nadler feels that education is the basic foundation for any health care practitioner and he has continued learning better ways to prevent and heal, keeping care on the cutting edge of technology and treatments. Dr. Nadler received his Doctorate from the Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic and received his Post Doctorate in Chiropractic Neurology from Cleveland Chiropractic College. He is a Diplomate from the American Academy of Pain management he is also a member of various associations including the International Society of Medical Shock Wave Therapy, Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association and the American College of Sports Medicine.

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