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Dr. Nia Banks Highlighted in Washingtonian Feature

Dr. Nia Banks of Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery was recently quoted in a Washingtonian article on cellulite removal


Lanham, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2015 -- Dr. Nia Banks, owner and founder of Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery in Lanham, Maryland, was recently featured in Washingtonian, a magazine and online publication. Dr. Banks' expertise was highlighted in "6 Ways to Treat – and Get Rid of – Cellulite."

In the article, Dr. Banks offers readers insight as to why cellulite happens in the first place. She indicates that cellulite is largely caused by three factors: 1) Stiffened connective-tissue bands under the skin, which squeezes out fat between the bands; 2) Excessive fat; and 3) Loss of collagen in the skin itself.

When asked about one of the best treatments to tackle the appearance of cellulite, Dr Banks discusses Endermologie, a treatment many women have benefitted from, but one that has been improved upon with advances in technology.

"Supporters of Endermologie believe that increasing circulation reduces subcutaneous fat and increases blood flow and lymphatic draining, so excess fluid and fat cells are eliminated," she points out. "But the other train of thought is that Endermologie simply causes swelling so that cellulite is less noticeable. Most patients are pleased with the results, but they require ongoing maintenance."

Dr. Banks utilizes Velshape to treat patients with cellulite. This unique bi-polar radiofrequency technology shrinks fat cells helping you achieve smoother skin on your thighs. Velashape is virtually painless and has no downtime. While Endermologie works with deep tissue massage, Velashape uses deep tissue massage plus infrared radio frequency.

Dr. Banks is a board-certified plastic surgeon who treats patients in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD metropolitans. Dr. Banks received her surgical training from John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, where she completed the Integrated Residency Program in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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