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Dr Pauls Piggy Paste Toenail Fungus Gel Is Available at New Website PiggyPaste.com


Washington, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2014 -- Dr. Paul Kinsinger, a board certified family physician, has just launched a new website that is devoted to his innovative and effective product: Dr Pauls Piggy Paste Toenail Fungus Gel.

The timing for the launch of the user-friendly website could not be any better. Springtime is just around the corner, and many people are looking forward to getting out of thick socks and heavy shoes and into comfortable sandals and flip flops.

Unfortunately, as anybody who has thick, yellow toenails knows quite well, it can be embarrassing to wear open-toed shoes. Although many people do not want to admit they have it, toenail fungus is a very common problem. In some cases, people with this condition don’t even want to talk to their physician about it.

This is where Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste Toenail Fungus Gel can help. As Dr. Kinsinger explains, although he saw quite a few patients who were dealing with this problem, he wasn’t happy with any of the treatments that were available. In order to assist them and their discolored toenails, he invented his own remedy.

As he explains, the over-the-counter topical toenail fungus cream is applied at the site of the thick toenail and cuticle junction. As the new toenail grows in, it will push out the thick and discolored nail, which can then be trimmed away. By penetrating deep into the infected nails, Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste is able to eliminate the pesky fungal infections that are causing the unattractive and yellow toenails in the first place. In most cases, people start to see positive results in just two to six weeks of using the product.

As Dr. Kinsinger notes, he is also knowledgeable about diabetes—a health condition that often adversely affects the feet, among other things. In order to properly control their diabetes, Dr. Kinsinger advises his patients on the things they need to do every day; this includes checking their feet for signs of infection.

“Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste will not interact with other medications that diabetics are taking,” he notes.

Anybody who would like to learn more about Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste is welcome to visit the new website; there, they can read about the effective product, learn where they can purchase it, and read customer testimonials from satisfied users, whose “piggies” are now healthy and ready for sandal season.

About Dr. Paul Kinsinger and Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste
When it comes to terrifying toenails, Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste is just what the doctor ordered. Paul Kinsinger, MD of Washington, Illinois is the mastermind behind Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste, a product that revolutionizes the age-old problem of unsightly toenails caused by toenail fungus. Piggy Paste is available in a 3-month supply tube with a suggested retail price of $14.98 – $19.95. It can be found in the foot care section of drugstores nationwide, as well as online through Dr. Paul’s website. For more information, please visit http://www.piggypaste.com/