Dr. Peter Worth Extends Orthodontics Service to Roseville and Orangevale - California


Roseville, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2015 -- Dr. Peter Worth, specialized and experienced orthodontist extends professional service in Roseville and Orangevale. The service aims to gift people with healthy beautiful smile and correct bad bite issues. Dr. Worth and his specialized team have been in the field for several years and holds over 30 years experience in teeth straightening with use of braces and in visalign, smile correction, right jaw alignment and other advanced dental treatments.

Worth Orthodontics, now extends professional dental service in Roseville and Orangevale,aiming to help people with healthy, beautiful smiles. Dr. Worth has been in the field since 1979 and specializes in orthodontics for both adults and children. Dr. Worth is known for the highest quality of treatment and utilizing advanced dental procedures.

When our staff contacted Dr. Peter Worth, he was noted saying, "Having practiced Orthodontics for more than 30 years has given me great satisfaction while working with patients in the communities I serve."Oral health is regarded as the vital aspect of overall wellbeing.Even the simplest misalignment of the jaws and teeth has an effect to one's oral health. With modern advancement in technology, dental faults can be precisely corrected to prevent oral problems. It is highly recommended to treat jaw misalignment from specialists who have undergone two to three years of specialization in straightening teeth.Residents of Orangevale and Roseville who are looking for an orthodontics specialist, Dr. Worth can is someone they can turn to when the circumstances arise.

Dr. Worth offers dental treatments in his already established clinics. The two dental clinics are employing a dedicated team, with some of the most experienced professionals who have already been in practice for the last 25 years. The team's specialization and years of experience guarantees knowledge and dedication. The experienced dental practitioner and his dedicated team are now serving the areas of Roseville and Orangevale, California. Through years of experience, the teams have obtained high reputation for their exceptional quality. Now the specialized teams are proud to serve their clients for the years to come.

About Dr. Peter Worth
Dr. Peter Worth is practicing his dental specialization in two offices in Northern California. His specialized team is providing their clients with the highest quality and most efficient orthodontics treatment to patients and their entire family. The practitioner ensures the value of service that clients expect. Dr. Worth started his practice in 1979 as a specialist and has gained experience since then. The dental specialist obtained a degree from the UCLA's School of Dentistry and holds a Certificate in Orthodontics from the USC. Apart from dental practice, the experienced dental practitioner also holds active membership in several professional organizations related to the orthodontics field.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Dr. Peter Worth
Contact Number: (916) 782-3161, 916-989-3300
Email id: braces@wiredbyworth.com
Website: http://www.drpeterworth.com/index.htm
Address: Worth Orthodontics, Roseville, CA and Orangevale, CA