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Dr. R. Stuart Fowler to Offer Innovative Virtual Consultations to Busy Women in Arizona and California

Concerned about your vulvovaginal problems? Dr. R. Stuart Fowler of Fowler Gyn International provides virtual consultations for women who desperately need help.


Paradise Valley, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- Dr. Stuart Fowler of Fowler Gyn International, PLLC in Paradise Valley, AZ is proud to announce the launching of his practice’s new website, which features an innovative virtual consultation service for women located in Arizona and California who are suffering from vulvovaginal problems.

“This is a special ‘telemedicine’ service we offer women who prefer the safety and comfort of their own homes,” says Dr. Fowler. “Many women know that finding a specialist, scheduling an appointment and traveling to the location takes considerable time and resources.” Virtual consultation gives women access to expertise faster and provides proven treatment plans.

Before a clients even commits to services, Dr. Fowler personally reviews a client’s specific vaginal symptoms in context of their general medical history to make sure they are an appropriate candidate for services offered by Fowler Gyn International. This ensures that women don’t have to go through the usual frustration of waiting for a scheduled appointment, undergoing an exam and paying for the visit just to find out that the physician does not have the expertise to diagnose and treat vulvovaginal conditions.

“Seeing a specialist just to diagnose a problem can be prohibitively expensive for many women,” says Dr. Fowler. “Our telemedicine/virtual consultation means patients can be empowered with information and recommended services before they spend any money on exams and prescriptions.”

This unique service is designed specifically for women who are suffering from vulvovaginal problems, including vulvodynia, vaginal pain, vestibulodynia, vulvar vestibulitis, recurrent vaginal yeast or bacterial infections, pain with intercourse, vaginal burning/rawness, genital skin itching/dryness, and chronic vaginal discharge or odor.

Virtual consultations cost $150. All potential clients must be at least 18 years of age, not pregnant or nursing, have access to Internet and email, have a mailing address, have a valid major credit card, and reside within the United States. For more information, please visit

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Fowler Gyn International is the expert in vulvovaginal healthcare. As a former staff gynecologist at the Mayo Clinic specializing in vulvovaginal conditions for over 20 years, Dr. Fowler has advanced diagnostic techniques and treatment protocols that have been used with success by thousands of women. To learn more visit the FGI website at

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