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Dr. Randa Attia Challenges Patients to Experience the Gentle Difference Evercare Dental Offers Patients in Eltham and Bulleen


Eltham, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- Dr. Randa Attia, owner of  Evercare Dental  in Eltham and Bulleen, is inviting residents to “experience the gentle difference” offered at the practices. Attia is committed to providing patients with dental care that’s gentle, painless and places an emphasis on prevention. A full range of dental services is provided for patients of all ages.

Proper oral hygiene begins early and the kid friendly atmosphere at Evercare Dental is conducive to every child’s dental visit to assess development, evaluate oral habits or apply fissure sealants to help prevent cavities. Cleanings, along with topical and systemic fluoride treatments strengthen tooth enamel to prevent cavities and help repair problems in the microscopic stage before they become major concerns.

Dental injuries are one of the most common conditions resulting from rough play and contact sports. Attia provides custom designed and fitted mouthguards to protect the dental work of patients of all ages. Made to exacting standards, they offer individualized protection that can’t be obtained with generic store bought guards.

Professionally designed plastic appliances are offered for patients who clench and grind their teeth. Known as bruxism, it’s a common problem that results in worn teeth and can create jaw problems. Those engaging in nighttime grinding don’t realize they’re doing it, but often wake with sensitive teeth, earaches and headaches.

Attia provides restorative measures that include white fillings of composite resin and porcelain, along with crowns to provide strength and protection. Dental bridges are available to provide structural support for surrounding teeth when a tooth is missing. Multiple types are available to address different situations and are specially designed for functionality and to retain the shape of the patient’s face.

Dental implants look, feel and act like the patient’s natural teeth. Attached to the bone with a screw, they provide a permanent and elegant solution for missing teeth and are a popular alternative to dentures. For individuals who aren’t good candidates for implants, Evercare Dental offers full and partial dentures.

An extraction can often be avoided with a root canal for teeth that are severely decayed or infected, causing pain and swelling. When extensive damage is present and a tooth can’t be saved, gentle extractions are performed. Extractions are available for impacted teeth and those whose roots have suffered trauma.

Evercare Dental offers cosmetic procedures for whitening and correcting aesthetic flaws. Teeth can become discoloured through tobacco use, consuming specific foods and beverages and taking certain antibiotics, along with aging and tooth trauma. Attia offers in-office and at-home whitening procedures.

Evercare Dental utilizes porcelain veneers and bonding to mask discolouration and repair chipped and fractured teeth. The procedures can be used to correct crooked teeth, close gaps and hide cracks, and lengthen small teeth.

Fans can follow the practice on Facebook. Attia maintains the Bulleen clinic at 40 Templestowe Rd., and the Eltham clinic at 9A, 106 Main Rd. at in the Eltham Village Shopping Centre. Attia can be reached at the Bulleen practice by phone at 9852 3865 or at the Eltham location by calling 9439 1772.

About Evercare Dental
Evercare Dental is committed to helping clients of all ages maintain healthy teeth, repair damage and provide services that address cosmetic conditions. Attia is cognizant of the fear, trepidation and concern that many individuals have when dental work is needed and invites patients in the Eltham and Bulleen area to “experience the gentle difference” Evercare Dental can make.

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Dr. Randa Attia
Evercare Dental
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