Donald N. Reid D.D.S., FICOI

Dr. Reid Offers Sedation Techniques to Ease Dental Fears


Truckee, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2016 -- Hesitation toward dental treatment is a typical fear. Nearly 50 percent of people begin to feel uneasy or stressed whenever thinking about visiting the dentist. Now, with sedation dentistry available, dental fear is becoming a distant memory.

Dr. Don Reid's main goal is to help make his patients feel relaxed and comfortable during any type of dental visit. "Very little else makes a difference if the patient doesn't have a nurturing and understanding staff in their corner. We aim to care for and understand our patients as unique individuals and at absolutely no time will we force an individual to feel self-conscious about their dental needs or fears," states Dr. Reid.

Well-known dental fears include: Fear of embarrassment about the condition of their teeth, fear of gagging and fear of injections. Other fears include not getting numb from the Novocain, fear of the drill and fear of dental sounds and smells.

Dr. Reid begins with a topical solution that 'pre-numbs' the injection area. Then the local anesthesia is used to completely numb the area being treated. This temporarily blocks feeling to the nerve and should last one to two hours or longer.

Studies have proven that nitrous oxide gas (laughing gas) is the first and best option for highly apprehensive patients. "After receiving nitrous oxide gas, a patient who was fearful and severely anxious is now going into treatment breathing calmly and visibly relaxing," notes Dr. Reid.

Oral conscious dentistry is the most common technique used to relieve dental patient fears. The technique is easy and requires no needles. It is a premedication in the form of a pill. Best of all, the medications create such a comfortable experience that most patients do not remember the visit; it's as if they've slept through the treatment. Dr. Reid remarks, "There is a new variety of oral medications that can be used to increase the onset and shorten the effects time. There are some patients that require IV sedation or general anesthesia instead of oral conscious sedation based on significant health history."

About Dr. Reid
Dr. Reid is a certified sedation dentist and can provide many levels of comfort. Inside an open and nurturing environment, individuals realize they aren't being judged or simply looked down upon due to their anxiety over dental care.

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