Donald N. Reid D.D.S., FICOI

Dr. Reid's Bite FX Technology Reviewed in Contemporary Product Solutions Publication

Contemporary Product Solutions, (CPS) a publication that reviews all things dental that contribute to better patient understanding for dentists, assistants, hygienists, front desk associates, clinicians and the dental laboratory world-wide, reviewed Bite FX in their February 2014 publication.


Truckee, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- Dr. Reid of Tahoe Dental Artistry and Doug Brown, a software animation developer who runs Dynamic Thought LLC in Truckee, CA developed software animations to help patients understand the effects of occlusion or how your teeth fit together.

Dr. Reid says, “I’m marketing the newly developed dental appliance to dentists and their patients around the world.” But his initial focus is existing clients of BiteFX, the animation that helps dental patients understand why they’re having headaches or grinding their teeth.

The process of explaining malocclusion (bad bite) problems was confusing to patients and difficult for them to grasp the concept of what was wrong with their teeth; Dr. Reid realized that something had to be done to make it easier to explain to individuals who were complaining of jaw pain, face pain and other discomforts. He and his partner invented Bite FX.

Upon reviewing Bite FX, Contemporary Product Solutions said, “When concepts of malocclusion and the damaging effects resulting from an improper or unbalanced bite can be demonstrated graphically and visually, patients can better appreciate the need to follow specific recommendations and undergo subsequent restorative treatment.”

CPS did a follow-up review with five dental offices that have integrated the BiteFX software into their practices. They provided their opinions about its ability to streamline patient education and understanding of malocclusion problems and recommended treatments. Overall, the dentists and dental team liked the software's presentation settings and the ability to show movies and pictures that help patients grasp the concept of malocclusion problems. These include tooth wear, traumatic bites and wear patterns, as well as what a restored and stable occlusal plan looks like.

Bite FX includes over 75 animations – movies and pictures that demonstrate and explain occlusion to patients making them aware and able to understand occlusal problems. The conclusion of the review is that Bite FX saves dentists and staff time by demonstrating occlusion-related problems and treatments.

Dr. Reid created BiteFX software animations depicting all the destruction effects caused by malocclusions or Temporal Mandibular Disorders. Dr Reid’s software received world acclaim by the foremost authority and influential clinician in the history of dentistry, Dr Peter Dawson. To make an appointment with Dr. Reid call (530) 587-9560.