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Dr. Richard Newhart Announces Laser Frenectomy Procedures


Parkersburg, WV -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2014 -- Dr. Richard Newhart is now offering laser frenectomy services for summer 2014. His office specializes in a laser based procedure that is far superior to past methods which required shots, stitches, and sutures, putting patients through a painful surgery and long recovery. Don’t go to a doctor who is still using these archaic practices. This exciting new technology is here and is safely correcting patients’ oversized frenal muscles every day.

A frenal muscle that is too large or is pulling on the gums can cause recession or gaps when teeth cannot come together. During a frenectomy, the doctor removes the frenal muscle or surgically releases it from the gum, thus allowing teeth to come together properly. A frenectomy is considered preventative periodontal gum disease treatment in Parkersburg, because, if left untreated, an oversized frenal muscle can cause periodontal disease later in life.

Traditional frenectomy methods used sharp metal tools that caused the patient much more pain. This type of old fashioned technique could be one of the reasons people have feared the dentist for so long. Lasers cut much more cleanly, drastically reducing the amount of bleeding during surgery. This cuts down on operating time and recovery time. Lasers allow for rapid postoperative hemostasis, reducing the need for anesthetics and sutures. Patients can look forward to a quick, comfortable healing process. Laser frenectomy is an especially popular choice for young patients who may have a lower pain tolerance.

For more information about laser frenectomy or gum disease treatment in Parkersburg, visit Dr. Richard Newhart online or call 877-840-4867 to make an appointment.

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Since 1989 Dr. Richard Newhart has been the leader in gum disease treatment in Parkersburg and Marietta. By keeping up with advancing gum treatment technology, advanced dental implant training, use of both the LANAP laser and WaterLase laser the practice is consistently able to offer their patients the shortest procedure times and highest quality care. Dr. Newhart’s periodontal user friendly website allows patients to make appointments and gather valuable information before making gum treatment decisions.

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