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Dr. Rob Boyer Hosting Heroin Seminar in Durham


Durham, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2016 -- America has a problem with heroin abuse that the American Medical Association (AMA) says is due to medical doctors over-prescribing OxyContin. The makers of OxyContin, Purdue Pharma, was fined more than $600 million for misleading doctors and patients about a decade ago about how addictive this opioid-based medication can be.

Dr. Rob Boyer is hosting a quick Q&A about the "Heroin Epidemic in America" on Thursday, November 17, at 7 p.m., at The Joint Southpoint in Durham.

"The problem unfolds as follows," Dr. Boyer explained. "The patient has pain. They get a prescription that often is a medication that has addictive side effects. The patient's pain persists and they return to their doctor who does not prescribe more pain medication. The patients who are prescribed opiate-based pain relief medicines experience withdrawals. The patient (in desperation) seeks the opiates in the form of cheap street heroin or illegitimate prescription medication on the black market. Addiction and all of the sordid outcomes ensue, and the patient's life is forever changed. The problem has grown so widespread that the AMA changed its policy in June 2016, that pain should not be included as a patient's vital sign in American medical practices."

Boyer is an advocate for chiropractic care, a medication-free alternative that can provide pain relief without inducing one to become an addict.

"While those in the pain management medical community argue against this AMA policy change, the images of parents passed out with children in their cars languishing with no supervision shock the American public," Boyer said. "This national epidemic will continue as millions of peoples' lives are ravaged by needless pharmaceutical pain management. The time to act is now. The Joint is a nationwide, affordable answer to this scourge. The answer to the causation of pain in musculoskeletal patients could not be timed better than right now."

Dr. Boyer has been practicing chiropractic since 1996. For more information, call The Joint Chiropractic in Southpoint at 919-316-7957 or email us at

The clinic location for the Q&A is The Joint, 8202 Renaissance Parkway, Suite 108, Durham. The Joint Chiropractic in Southpoint is owned and operated by Triangle Chiropractic Associates and managed by RJ Wellness Briar Creek LLC. They also have chiropractic clinics in Raleigh, North Carolina and in Cary, NC.

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