Dr. Ron Hunninghake Takes Mega-Dosing Vitamin C from Myth to Miracle on the Health Cure Radio Show

Cancer patients are increasing quality of life utilizing this little known therapy. With over 70 years of successful treatments of viral and bacterial infections as well as toxins and even cancer, this treatment is giving patients a new outlook on life. Even the 2 time Nobel Prize winner PhD was able to use it to prolong his own life!


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2016 -- The Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ron Hunninghake MD, of the famed Riordan Clinic will be a guest on The Health Cure Show on the VoiceAmerica network Tuesday March 29, 2016 at 6pm ET/3pm PT.

Dr. Ron, as he's affectionately known as, has extensive experience utilizing the power of nutrients in helping people restore their health.

With over 28 years of experience utilizing mega-dosing Vitamin C IV therapies, he's seen some pretty miraculous results, including a better quality of life for many of their cancer patients and recovery from Encephalitis caused by the West Nile Virus infection.

With over 100,000 IV C treatments, they have proven how safe these treatments are and he'll have some experiences that will leave you wondering why this treatment isn't more widely utilized.

Dr. Ron is one of the experts interviewed in the recently released movie "That Vitamin Movie" alongside giants like Dr. Andrew Saul PhD and Dr. Joseph Mercola MD, sharing their experiences of mega-dosing Vitamin C.

With new viruses such as Zika and new ones almost every year plus the expanding list of "super bugs" such as MRSA and C. Diff, people need to learn that they are not helpless and that they can take back their health by doing some very simple things to strengthen their Immune System to levels not previously thought even possible.

We'll be discussing what people can do to ward off the Zika Virus infection and how they can safeguard their baby if they happen to be or get pregnant when infected.

Dr. Ron and his staff at the Riordan Clinic are changing lives by "partnering" with patients to help learn how to get their bodies back working properly giving them a renewed outlook on living a life fuller and longer than previously thought before the Riordan Clinic started working with them.

About The Health Cure Show
The Health Cure Show is about prevention, with the idea that what can prevent a disease may very well also be what can accelerate recovery, what Dr. Ron and his staff are doing at the Riordan Clinic is exciting and the world needs to know more about these protocols and treatments.

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