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Dr. Rothman Responds to Studies Indicating That Hot Beverages Are a Factor in Cancer


Spring Lake, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2017 -- As depressing as it might be for many of us, our morning cup of hot coffee might make us more susceptible to cancer. Dr. Michael E. Rothman discusses the latest data in his new article, " Very Hot Drinks Probable to Cause Cancer - A Holistic View "

"Based on available evidence from roughly 1,000 studies, there was a connection between very hot beverages (149°F, which is cooler than most "take out" coffee) and a higher risk of esophageal cancer," writes Dr. Rothman. "From my viewpoint as a holistic physician, below is my response to reading this article and the underlying mechanisms that I think provide a link between consuming hot beverages and cancer risk."

Water, as important as it is for our bodies, can be changed so that it doesn't provide the nourishment we need. Therefore, hot coffee's major contributing factors to cancer are based on the heat of the water as well as the idea that the true, healthy water is cooked out, leaving the beverage "dead." The diuretic effects of caffeine and the heat of the beverage both contribute to an increased incidence of esophageal cancer.

"Remember as a child your mom used to say 'Don't drink coffee; it'll stunt your growth?' I'm a big proponent of doing what your momma tells you. While most people look to coffee as a morning ritual or even a habit, I encourage you to drink hot coffee and tea only in moderation," concludes Rothman.

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