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Dr Saad Al Sogair's Derma Care Is a Success

Ranked by the World Organization of Aesthetic Medicine Doctors as the “Dermatologist of the year”


Khobar, Persian Gulf -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2013 -- The field of aesthetic has witnessed a remarkable advancement in the recent years. Utilizing the resources to the benefit of those who like to stay young and healthy, Dr Saad Al Sogair has the reputation of providing advanced skin care, laser and anti-ageing treatments through his clinic Elite Derma Care set up in Saudi Arabia.

Dr Sogair has attained the reputation of being the “Dermatologist of the Year” for his exceptional success with a revolutionary treatment, Endopeel. This treatment is believed to provide massive results in tightening skin muscles and removing all the blemishes in a short span of time. The treatment has been in practice for over 15 years in Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France, Mexico and other European countries. Dr. Sogair was the pioneer to bring this advanced dermatology product to Saudi Arabia and the results have been quite rewarding.

The World Organization of Aesthetic Medicine Doctors is based in Switzerland and is set up with an aim to recognize a Doctor who has been in practice and has contributed to a large extent to the advancement of the field. As an online directory, it provides access to people from the medical field to register and become noticed by the world. This is also a platform that increases the rankings on social networks for the respective member or their service. Every year they rank a Doctor and honor them with a title for their contributions. This year this prestigious recognition was awarded to Dr Saad Al Sogair for being the sine qua non and promoting the most effective Endopeel to many candidates. Another key aspect behind considering him for this recognition is his knowledge in the treatment and the educational hub that he has created for enabling many dermatologists to know about this advanced treatment. He shares his insights and his success stories through his social presence on YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. For more information about Dr. Sogair and his remarkable work visit http://DrSogair.com where he also shares a lot of information on the Endopeel treatment. Dr. Sogair has become the top notch service provider of derma treatments which are proven to be highly beneficial with absolutely no side-effects and great results.

Visit http://aestheticmedicine.org/ to witness the various changes in the field of aesthetics and the recognition it provides to the practitioners of medicine.

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