Dr. Siavashi Arani's Releases New Book "Condyloma Acuminata, Cutting the Quiet Epidemic" for Treatment of Genital Anal Warts


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2018 -- Dr. Siavash Arani, M.D is a renowned physician and publisher who has dedicated his life and passions to combating sexually transmitted diseases especially strains of the Human papillomavirus, an epidemic disease which has affected millions of lives. He is a pioneer in the discovery of successful treatment method of the different forms of the HPV virus. He was an instructor and assistant clinical professor of Loma Linda University, School of Medicine. He has since then helped millions of lives in America and other areas in the world with his successful and renowned BCR method of treatment different strains of the HPV virus. He is a firm and strong believer that patients knowledge is of utmost priority and importance in preventing and controlling of diseases and illnesses caused by the epidemic Human papilloma virus; this is why he published his first book "HPV, the Silent Intruder" in which he shared insights on the developmental stages, symptoms and the best treatment for HPV.

He also went as far as giving thorough information on the right way of choosing the best Doctor for treating this epidemic. His new book "Condyloma Acuminata, Cutting down the quiet epidemic" centers on sharing information and insight on this dreadful disease which has affected well over 5.5 million Americans and expanded to well over 50 million people worldwide.

Condyloma acuminata is an epidermal manifestation attributed to the epidermotropic human papillomavirus (HPV) caused by the 6 and 11 train of the HPV virus which has well over 100 strains. The treatment, causes and developmental stages of this disease are not well understood by doctors nationwide, as doctors are not specifically trained in the US for Sexually transmitted diseases. Hence, Dr. Siavash Arani decided to increase public awareness on his established and detailed knowledge on the staging of Condyloma Accuminata infection on the skin and better control methods for this infection.

He says" I have had numerous inquiries from other physicians on the BCR ™ method and I have decided to share this knowledge to the world because saving this information to myself, will not save anyone, only increase the epidemic, thereby defeating the whole purpose of it all."

Dr. Arani's discoveries which he put together into a precise and clear-cut 20 chapter book will give practical guides towards a thorough understanding of this epidemic and explain in illustrated details his renowned successful BCR ™ method of treatment for Genital Anal warts. Since doctors are not trained for special issues such Sexually Transmitted Diseases, a Physician such as Dr. Arani in internal medicine who has made it his lifelong goal of combating various forms of STD's epidemic is an awesome blessing.

For more information about Dr. Siavashi Arani and his new book, please visit http://wartsclinic.com/ or http://drarani.com/.