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Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq.'s REIA NYC Aims to Educate Entrepreneurs on Real Estate Investing

Guidance offered to Business Owners Through Comprehensive Courses


Rockville, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2018 -- Dr. Teresa R. Martin Esq's REIA NYC seeks to guide Entrepreneurs to the Path of Success. Dr. Martin combines her extensive experience in Real Estate Law with her work as a co-founder of the Generational Wealth Zone (a conduit that allows anyone to achieve financial freedom through tutelage in the areas of financial literacy, business ownership, and real estate investing) to promote financial literacy through real estate investing with the goal of connecting business, wealth, and family together through REIA NYC.

"We provide investors with the right education and the right systems for success," says Dr. Martin.

REIA, Real Estate Entrepreneurs & Investors Association, is a community for real estate entrepreneurs, investors, and small business owners. The organization focuses on education and business development, providing the coaching, resources, and tools needed to start a real estate business. They develop the entrepreneur mindset that overcomes and learns from obstacles. REIA shows business owners how to build daily habits and develop lasting partnerships that promote success.

Dr. Martin explains, "NYC is an acronym for Now You Can. Now you can invest in real estate; Now you can build a successful business; Now you can build your own lifestyle; Now you can enjoy your legacy."

The program analyzes the business through a 12-Point Business Success Assessment to find out which of the three paths the business is currently on. The main goal is to transition the business from a failure path to the Path of Success where it creates lasting revenue and a high quality of life. This is a path that only 3% of small businesses reach. By creating at least $125,000 in owner's discretionary revenue with a business valuation over $500K, the business becomes very attractive to potential buyers and allows the owner to sell it at a profit.

"Think of it like house flipping, but for your small business," says Dr. Martin.

Visit REIA NYC for more information on how to guide your budding business into a successful model that works for you.

The owner of REIA NYC, Dr. Martin has a long career in real estate law and has appeared on the Voice of America, Real Estate Straight Talk, and other radio programs. She is the co-author of the Amazon #1 bestseller, Entrepreneur on Fire – Conversations with Visionary Leaders with Barbara Corcoran, the Billionaire Real Estate Mogul and star of the hit ABC show Shark Tank.

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