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Dr. Tim Kirby Cares for Dental Emergencies in Oklahoma City


Oklahoma City, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- Dental hygiene is extremely important for the health of teeth and gums. The truth is that teeth and gums are not the only parts of a person’s body affected by dental hygiene. If an infection in the gums or an impacted tooth goes too long without getting proper medical attention, the infection can spread throughout other parts of the body. Time is of the essence with dental emergencies. The quicker they are addressed, the less damage the mouth and body will experience.

For dental emergencies in Oklahoma City, Dr. Tim Kirby specializes in treating patients at a moments notice. The entire staff at Classen Family Dentistry is dedicated to addressing immediate needs of patients. Dr. Kirby and his staff promise speedy evaluation and treatment.

There are several types of dental emergencies that are fairly common and emergencies that Dr. Kirby and his staff at Classen Family Dentistry can handle:

Cavities are one of the most common dental emergencies. Cavities are caused when bacteria remains on or between teeth, eating away at the tooth’s enamel. A cavity is a small hole that develops in the tooth and it can cause some major pain.

Broken Tooth
A broken tooth can occur when a person bites down on something hard. Sometimes, while eating, a person might bite down on a nutshell that accidentally got left in cookie dough. A lot of people like to crunch on ice, and this can be very damaging to the teeth. A fall that causes someone to hit his or her mouth on something hard can also break a tooth, causing the need for immediate dental help. Teeth can be broken during sports activities, which is why many sports require participants to wear mouth guards.

Loose Filling
Usually, when a person gets a filling, it tends to stay where it is supposed to be, but sometimes a person eats things that are not the best for their teeth. A chewy candy, for instance, could pull a filling out of a tooth, especially if the filling has become loose for some reason.

Wisdom Teeth
Sometimes wisdom teeth do not have enough room to come in, causing them to push against other teeth, causing a lot of pain. When this happens, the dentist usually has to give a sedative and remove the teeth.

Impacted Tooth
A tooth can become infected and if not treated right away, can become impacted, requiring surgery to remove the tooth. Dentists try everything they can to save a tooth, but that is not always possible.

In the case of a  dental emergency in Oklahoma City , contact Dr. Kirby before entering the dental office so he and his staff can prepare to treat the issue immediately. Also, if the emergency is too painful, have a friend or family member accompany the patient.

Dr. Kirby and his staff will do everything possible to keep the patient comfortable while resolving immediate needs.

About Dr. Tim Kirby
Dr. Tim Kirby is a trusted dentist in Oklahoma City and provides exceptional dental service at his dental practice, Classen Family Dentistry. He and his staff welcome new patients every day and provide a welcoming environment for all. It’s more than dental care at Classen Family Dentistry, it’s a friendly and family oriented dental clinic. Bring everyone from the youngest to the oldest to get dental care in the Oklahoma City metro.

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