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Dr. Tommy Lim of Berryessa Optometry Discusses the Explosion of Eye Allergies

CBS New York conducted a radio interview with Dr. Tommy Lim, of Berryessa Optometry, on the topic of eye allergies and proper treatment for the symptoms.


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2017 -- Dr. Lim was awarded California Optometrist of the Year in 2013, and he has years of experience diagnosing and treating eye allergies and other ocular conditions. Currently, the World Allergy Organization estimates that over 34 million adults and children suffer from allergies, and this number is increasing constantly.

"The number of eye allergy sufferers is growing due to things floating in the air nowadays that weren't there in yesteryear," says Dr. Lim.

Allergies result when the body's immune system becomes sensitized to specific irritants. The most common trigger for seasonal eye allergies is pollen, which can be airborne in a nearby park, in the backyard or in all residential areas. Typical irritants that cause perennial allergies are dust and pet dander. The symptoms and severity of an individual's eye allergies will vary. However, the most typical complaints include redness, itchiness, inflammation, and watery eyes.

According to Dr. Lim, the most effective way to relieve these ocular symptoms is by placing a cold compress gently over the eyes. When that does not do the trick, mild antihistamine eye drops generally bring relief, followed by prescription eye drops for more severe symptoms. Eye allergies are highly individual and an eye doctor must perform a thorough eye exam to determine the best, most suitable treatment.

"Often there are many layers to the eye allergy treatment plan, and it depends upon the specific irritant and patient response to the medication. People need to speak with their eye doctor for a treatment plan that is customized for their personal situation," explains Dr. Lim. "Ideally, the eye doctor should work closely with the allergist, developing an interdisciplinary approach to treatment."

Unfortunately, both patients and doctors do not always take allergies seriously, and they remain untreated. Healthcare professionals and people often regard allergies as a mere annoyance, instead of a potentially serious problem that can cause suffering and disrupt daily life. Mild allergies can progress into more moderate or severe allergies, which is why it is ill advised to ignore them. In addition, every year can be different, depending upon the pollen count and the patient's personal health situation.

"Listen to your body. If something is bothering you, there's a reason. Sometimes you can only minimize the problems you have, but it's worthwhile to research it. Most of the time, your San Jose eye doctor can help," says Dr. Lim.

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