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Dr. Tony Mork, MD, Launches New No-Cost Second Opinion Service for Chiropractors


Newport Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- Dr Tony Mork, MD, an experienced orthopedic spine surgeon from Newport Beach, Calif., has just announced the creation of a free second opinion service for chiropractors. Chiropractors can contact Dr. Mork either by entering in their name, email and phone number on his new website, DCMDconnect.com, or by calling him at his office to set up a meeting.

Sometimes, despite often numerous treatments with a chiropractor, patients will not progress as quickly or as well as expected. As a surgeon who has performed over 8,000 endoscopic spinal surgeries, Dr. Tony Mork understands that this can happen, and wants to offer his assistance to both the chiropractors and their patients. Thanks to the new service, when a chiropractor would like to get a second opinion about a patient who is not improving, he or she can contact Dr. Mork for a free review of the patient as well as the MRI.

Dr Tony Mork is often able to offer alternatives to spinal fusions that are less debilitating for the patient and require far less recovery time. This will allow the patient to continue to see the chiropractor with far less disruption.

As Dr. Tony Mork wrote in an article on his new website, he really enjoys meeting and speaking with doctors at conferences, and hearing about different medical cases. However, in many instances, it can be difficult to discuss a patient without the accompanying set of films. Through his own practice, Dr. Mork also knows how valuable it can be to have a second set of eyes look at a “problem” case.

“It’s easy to imagine that we are just too far away to communicate or help each other, but that is simply not true,” he noted, adding that this is why he created his new website and service.

“If your patient isn’t getting well as fast as you expect or just have puzzling case, and want to discuss it confidentially with an orthopedic surgeon, send me a disc and we will schedule a time to call and discuss it.”

Chiropractors who would like to learn more about the new service are welcome to visit Dr. Mork’s new website at any time. To schedule an interview, they may call Christina Astorga at 949-640-6675 or email her at ChristinaAstorga@drtonymork.com.

About Dr. Tony Mork, MD
Dr. Tony Mork, MD is an endoscopic spine specialist from Newport Beach, California. He specializes in laser spine surgery for facet syndrome, cervical foraminal stenosis and lumbar stenosis. He has performed more than 8,000 spine surgeries during his career. For more information, please visit http://dcmdconnect.com