Dr True Offering "Awake" Breast Enhancement Surgery in Dallas Region


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2013 -- For women who feel a sense of inferiority owing to underdeveloped breasts, breast augmentation surgery has come as bliss. For them as well as those women who feel bad about sagging breasts, these surgical procedures can bring relief.

However, women having such issues with their breast need services of professional and expert cosmetic surgeons to obtain long lasting benefits and evade side effects. For them Dr True and his cosmetic surgery packages for breast upliftment and augmentation can be ideal.

True Aesthetics Center at Dallas, Texas, run by Dr Robert L True, offers women of varying ages the chance to avail cosmetic surgeries that can transform their appearance.

After undergoing breast augmentation procedures offered by Dr True at his clinic, women can flaunt their short and skin tight attires more confidently. This surgery can put an end to those annoying days of using padded bras to avoid a feeling of inferiority.

In this surgery, implants are injected under the breasts. This helps enlarge size of breasts and women can get the breast shaped as per their wish. Dr True and his team have offering such breasts enhancement packages replete with thorough consultation.

Dr True has several years’ expertise in this field and can perform surgeries without administering general anesthesia.

The ‘Awake Breast Augmentation’ procedure that has gained popularity in recent times can be performed without deep sedation. The process is relatively safe and any adverse effect is usually minimal.

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