Dr Vinograd Launches His Blog on Biocompatible, Holistic Dentistry


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- Dr. Daniel Vinograd is not just a dentist; his various hobbies and interests encompass a huge variety of activities that go hand in hand with a person’s overall health and well being. His blog introduces him as a holistic dentist who not only takes care for the health and hygiene of his patients’ teeth but also does more for his patients in terms on alternative medicine, yoga practice, biocompatible dentistry and tips and advice for a haul in lifestyle to incorporate more organic produce in one’s diet and regime.

A San Diego dentist  with a knack of learning and teaching others about a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Daniel has an overwhelming range of activities currently to his credit. Professionally he is a holistic dentist who provides dental relief to people from tooth aches, tooth decay, gum diseases but also, his approach to dentistry is solely a proactive and holistic one in which he is seldom seen advising people to incorporate ozone water into their diet and use it on a regular basis for drinking to get rid of gum disease and to prevent it in the future. Other tips that he frequently gives to his patients is the use and benefits of coconut water. His treatment includes a diet switch to add more organic foods such as home grown fruits and vegetables. Dr. Daniel himself grows about 5 to 10 kinds of fruit and veggies throughout each season and also is happy to help his patients with tips and advice on starting their own home garden laden with fresh eatables. He emphasizes on decreasing the use of over processed foods from one’s diet, adding more fresh juice to the daily food portions and to teach them the perks of having a healthy and robust routine and living a stress free life. This is possible by indulging in practical yoga exercises and meditation for more enhanced brain functioning and reducing the stress and anxiety from one’s mind.

About Dr. Vinograd
Dr. Vinograd is a certified dental practitioner and also lectures online to over 52 countries. He also enjoys reading and experimenting with the different kinds of alternate medicine such as Ayurvedic, traditional Chinese, homeopathic and macrobiotic fields. He also has his own tilapia growing and farming eco system which is an Aquaponics cultivation method that saves the usage of land and water in breeding fish as well as cultivating free fruit trees and vegetables. Dr. Daniel’s blog also teaches readers about mindfulness, meditation, making kambucha at home and many other interesting tidbits.

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