Dr Vinograd Moves from Alpha Dental to Brighton Dental


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2013 -- Dr Vinograd has moved from Alpha Dental to a new state of the art facility which is located 3.6 miles from the previous location of Alpha Dental. The move constitutes an upgrade in equipment, accessibility, and environment. The patients are urged to note the new changes to avoid confusion or disappointment. Brighton Dental is easy to locate, patients are urged to use the map in Dr Vinograd’s blog post: “Move From Alpha Dental”. Patients can also call the provided phone contacts to get directions from Brighton Dental.

The new state of art facility will give patients close freeway access, and an ample parking space. Clients who are coming for dental services will no longer have to circle the facility (which, unfortunately was often the case at Alpha Dental) looking for a place to park their vehicles.

Dr Vinograd, in announcing the move from Alpha Dental, said that he was excited to share the news with his clients and public at large. He said the move from Alpha Dental provides his patients with a more comfortable and spacious waiting room where their comfort is assured. The new facility, according to Dr Vinograd, will allow him to serve his patients better, as aside from providing an enhanced sense of serenity, the new equipment is state of the art.

To many people, moving offices is such a cumbersome process, that if not careful, things could be lost or misplaced. One would expect some confusion when an office is moved; and a natural concern would be for the patient files and other equipment (which are essential for service provision). In this case, Dr Vinograd moved to allay those fears by assuring the patients that their files have already been moved securely to the new location, without incident. Dr Vinograd assured his patients that their records are intact and there would be no interruption with their services. They have been moved to the new offices in a manner that guarantees their privacy and recognizes the confidentiality of their patient’s records.

Dr Vinograd assures his patients that the new clinic will continue to give the patients quality services that will meet their needs. Brighton Dental provides complete diagnostic services using the new state of the art facility. This means that the dental services will be even better, faster, and more cost effective. The new dental clinic uses the latest technology and materials to ensure that the patient gets the best.

For more than two and half decades Dr. Vinograd has been offering high quality dental services (the last few at Alpha Dental); and he vows to continue offering the best, now that he has moved to the much improved facility. Patients who have used the services of Dr Vinograd before, welcomed the move, saying that the new facility will help serve them better - as they do not have to worry about where to park their vehicles when they come for a routine check up, cleaning, or treatment. A customer who was visiting the facility for the first time was amazed by the state of the art facility, stating that it would be his dental clinic of choice from now on, as the services offered there are highly satisfactory. He had been previously apprehensive, as he was accustomed to excellent dental services from some of the most accomplished dentists – but was happy to find both conveniently at the new location.

Brighton Dental has a new phone contact - patients have been asked to note the changes, and use the new contacts information below book appointments.

Details for the new facility:
Brighton Dental
(619) 630-7174
10450 Friars Rd, San Diego, CA 92120

Media Contact:
Ari Vinograd
(619) 630-7174