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Dr. Wayne Buckhanan Presents at the North American Teachers Convention 2018

Sharing the Sandbox: The Challenges and Rewards of Team Teaching


Ontario, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2018 -- Dr. Buckhanan shared the job of bringing seven different professors together and making it work to begin exposing the students to what it takes to be an entrepreneur. His experiences of combining a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to pilot the first course in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship certificate at Andrews University helped formulate the class instruction. He presented lessons learned in going from "the call" to teaching the course in two weeks flat. "I was happy to see how the participants were eager to take what they learned from me back to their colleges. I hope to save them a lot of time as well as trial and error," says Dr. Buckhanan.

In his second session, Dr. Buckhanan addressed several important questions. How can teachers and trainers can apply experiential learning theories to their instructional design so that students are more engaged? How can they help ensure that students achieve their outcomes while addressing individual needs? He also discussed the different roles the leader takes on in the classroom including facilitator, lecturer, coach, and advisor. "It's an important topic for professors today because cross-disciplinary teams are the new norm and bringing them together requires leading sideways as well as leading "downward," says Dr. Wayne Buckhanan. Demonstrating a model for others to use in their own classroom experiences and their businesses is important. "Providing teachers with these skills (that have been adopted by the Center For Creative Leadership as their standard format) makes them more effective without adding significant resources to their classroom. The same techniques make higher education and professional training more effective as well."

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