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Dr. Wolf Introduces Laser Procedure for Effective and Minimally Invasive Treatment of Unsightly Veins

New laser treatment for varicose veins uses laser fibers injected through a needle to attack and resolve varicose veins directly from within, without the need for surgery.


Dayton, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- Varicose veins and spider veins affect as many as half of the female population of America at some point in their lives. Caused by occupations requiring a high degree of time spent standing upright, obesity, hormones and even genetics, these veins can be painful and limiting to those afflicted, as well as damaging to their self confidence. Cosmetic surgeon and osteopath Dr. Wolf offers cosmetic vein therapy in Dayton Ohio, and has introduced endovenous laser therapy to treat varicose veins effectively without the need for more aggressive surgery.

The procedure uses a needle to puncture the vein and insert small fibers, which then guide a laser in burning the varicose vein, creating a transition from vein tissue to scar tissue which fades and blends with natural skin tone in time. For veins larger than 3mm in diameter, medical insurance can cover the cost of procedures.

Spider veins can be treated in a similar way by injecting a liquid solution to achieve the same effect chemically. Spider veins are not generally treated as a medical condition, but can be dealt with effectively using cosmetic approaches.

Vein surgery in Dayton, Ohio is often referred to Dr. Wolf, who is a specialist in the field and has trained extensively with the field’s most prominent figures. A spokesperson for the practice had this to say, “Many people choose Dr. Wolf exclusively to carry out their cosmetic procedures because he treats them every bit as seriously as the surgical procedures he also performs. His expertise is supported by his own excellent bedside manner, and he has instilled a culture throughout his practice of friendly customer service blended with an excellent standard of medical knowledge, so that his clients are cared for from beginning to end.”

A video of the presentation is available here.

About Dr. Wolf
Dr. Wolf is a board certified Cosmetic Surgeon and Osteopath practicing laser vein therapy in Dayton Ohio. Wolf has received personal training from industry leaders within the cosmetic surgery and phlebology fields and has incorporated these teaching and techniques into his treatments for spider veins and varicose veins. Dr. Wolf has performed safe and effective surgical and non-surgical procedures in Vandalia, West Alexandria and Centerville, since 1989. For more information, please visit: