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Dr. Workman Uses BiteFX to Show His Patients How Their Bite Is Off


Glen Ellyn, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2016 -- It used to be when Dr. Workman would tell a patient that their occlusion was off he would be met with a stare that Dr. Workman knew meant that the patient had no idea what he was talking about.

Then he came across BiteFX and here is what one of his patients had to say, "Using BiteFX Dr. Workman showed me how my lower jaw was designed to be in a different position. I immediately scheduled for a full mouth of much needed occlusal dentistry."

Dr. Workman uses a state-of-the-art, 3D, digital presentation program called BiteFX™ that enlists the aid of elementary computer animations (no abstract art that looks like a Rohrschach test) to illustrate malocclusion in a style that makes sense.

The BiteFX system lets patients with bite problems figure out for themselves what's going on with their teeth. Consequently, it becomes easy for patients to see what must be done to fix the problem. "BiteFX provides anatomically correct animations designed to take the mystery out of occlusion. As well, it educates patients about occlusal disease and education for staff so that they can communicate intelligently with patients and reinforce diagnoses. Because 80% of learning is visual, BiteFX helps patients visually understand my treatment plan," states Dr. Workman.

Using the BiteFX educational system, we can show exactly why:
- The bite is causing so much inflammation and agonizing discomfort.
- The teeth have been continually ground down to stubs.
- The patient keeps experiencing stabbing pains in the jaw joint.
- Why waking up most mornings with a nagging tension headache is the norm.

BiteFX makes a convoluted situation a slam dunk to comprehend and, more importantly, makes it easy for the patient to decide upon a plan that will take away the pain and able to start enjoying life again.

About Dr. John Workman
Dr. John Workman has served as a visiting faculty member at the world renowned Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education ( for over five years where he taught other dentists how to treat TMJ and bite problems making it possible for teeth and dental restorations to last a lifetime.

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