DraftKings Gearing for Another NFL Season as They Promise to Giveaway $1 Billion


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2015 -- DraftKings is getting ready for another big fantasy football season. As the NFL nears kickoff, the sports fantasy site has announced it will giveaway $1 billion in prize money this year. DraftKings has an exclusive deal with Fox Sports that's generated $300 million in third party investment.

DraftKings, the sports fantasy operator, has made some major announcements lately as it gears up for one of its biggest seasons, the kickoff of the 2015-16 NFL season. DraftKings offers fantasy sports players the opportunity to draft new NFL teams each week, as they compete for big prize money. They offer NFL Free Rolls, Guaranteed NFL Fantasy Competitions, and fantasy football events where you can turn $2.00 into $10,000.

According to Michael Barnabee at http://www.DraftsKing.com, "DraftKings has an astounding record for rewarding prize money and offering a wealth of NFL fantasy sports opportunities. They provide NFL fantasy players a wide selection of competitions weekly that include Multipliers, where a smart fantasy player can increase their prize winnings by three to 10 times the normal amount."

DraftKings, which has an exclusive deal with Fox Sports and counts ESPN and MLB as major investors, has raised over $600 million in investment money this year. In three short years, they have become one of the biggest and most popular players in fantasy sports. This year they will offer their hundreds of thousands of members the chance to compete for $1 million in prizes in various select events, including those associated with the NFL.

Each week during the NFL season, fantasy fans draft their teams and battle it out for supremacy and cash. Each team is given a $50,000 salary cap, which players may not exceed. It's a level playing field at DraftKings, as fantasy players are able to create new teams each week, adjusting to injuries, suspensions, and the ups and downs of the NFL. This makes for a very volatile, active, and exciting fantasy community.

Fantasy players love the big prize money, the numerous, daily and weekly competitions, and the hubbub of activity, as well as the fact that drafting a team takes minutes rather than hours upon hours. This is a sports fantasy site geared for the person who is on the go and who wants to take advantage of numerous competitive opportunities at once.

"Plus, you don't have to be a fantasy guru to play and win," noted Barnabee. "Every NFL week," he observed, "there's a free roll where NFL fantasy players risk no money, but are able to qualify for cash. Also, DraftKings has special competitions for those who are new to the site. These really help rookie fans get up to speed."

Also included are 50/50 competitions, where those who finish in the top half of the event evenly split the prize money. For those who want to be involved in an event where they are almost guaranteed prize money, there are the Multi-Match Head-to-Head competitions. In these offerings, 20 of 21 players can win cash as they are involved in 20 head-to-head match ups simultaneously.

For more information on DraftKings, please go to http://www.DraftsKing.com. You'll be able to sign up for free and begin competing during the 2015-16 NFL season as soon as it begins.

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