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Dr.a.g.: Stunning Coffee Table Book Breaks Boundaries to Present Drag as Art; Celebrating Diversity & Expression of World's Top Performers

Masterfully compiled by Vancouver’s Christopher Logan, ‘dr.a.g.’ takes a wholly-unique and insightful look at some of the world’s top drag performers – as they have never been seen before. Comprised of rich photographs from celebrity photographers, the true art behind each performer’s symbolism, fashion and makeup is now candidly on display for all.


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- While the public and media become more intrigued by the world of drag, most coverage only focuses on why people do it, or offers an ‘inside look’ into this highly-expressive world. However, a compelling new coffee table book by a Vancouver-based actor is breaking new ground by showcasing drag as art for the first time.

‘dr.a.g.’ was diligently compiled by Christopher Logan, who coordinated with some of the world’s top drag performers and celebrity photographers to celebrate the people, fashion and makeup behind the lens. It’s the first time such a feat has been attempted, and is poised to take the public closer to the world of drag than ever before. At 180 pages, each containing stunning color photography, readers can prepare for a truly transformative read.


Drag (a man "dressed as girl") has become a diverse form of expression that challenges, entertains and educates by pushing boundaries, while embracing beauty, comedy and glamour. The performers in this illustrated book are evidence of that diversity, captured by some of the top photographers working in the world today. All of them have graciously donated their work to make this book possible.

What started as a small independent film fundraiser has grown into this beautiful coffee-table book. Features drag royalty such as Frank Marino, Eddie Edwards, Randy Roberts, Mr. Kenneth Blake, Chad Michaels, Elaine Lancaster, Jackie Beat, Charles Busch, Lady Bunny, Joey Arias, our amazing 'Marilyn Monroe centrespread' Jimmy James, Miss Coco Peru and the legendary Jim Bailey.

“Most existing literature on drag tends to follow an exposé’ style, but I want to instead celebrate the beauty and art behind this form of expression,” explains Logan. “I believe it’s the first time drag has been presented as art, as well as the fashion and makeup that turn many performers into the best in the world. It’s amazing to see exactly what can be achieved these days, for example, in the world of cosmetics.”

Continuing, “There’s nothing conventional about this book, which really embodies the spirit of drag itself. Transcending gender roles and other societal norms, the book’s bold style will hopefully give people an insight they’d never get elsewhere. You’ll never find such an elite group of drag performers and photographers in one place ever again!”

To date, reviews for the book have been extremely positive. For example, James Townsend comments, “This book is beyond stunning. The photography is very well done and brings a whole new level to the "art" that is drag. This book really focuses on the beauty and overall passion that goes into the performance and is sure to grab attention. It is so hard to believe that these are ALL men that have broken the barriers and have perfected the art of female impersonation. The talent in amazing in front of the camera, and equally behind it, can't be beat.”

Another reader adds, “If you are looking for a spectacular coffee table book... this is it!! Some of the most beautiful and well known drag queens around the world are included in this book. You'll be astounded at the wonderful photos. The make-up, the hairstyles, and clothing will take your breath away. I applauded these performers as I checked out this book.”

‘dr.a.g.’, by bookthefilm publishing, is available now at www.bookthefilm.com

About Christopher Logan
Vancouver-based actor Christopher Logan has appeared in over 40 plays, television shows and films including Connie and Carla, Saving Silverman, and TRON Legacy