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Statesville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2014 -- A new website, Dragon City Games Online.com offers free downloads of hacks and cheats of the Dragon City online game. This is welcome news to those who would like to win this season’s Facebook Game Face-Off.

At present, there are approximately 20 million active players of the Dragon City online games. A player who downloads the Dragon city hackDragon city cheats has a humongous chance to win the game over the other players pursuing the game all over the world.

In the Dragon City online game, a player uses the dragons to breed in order to fight with other players. There are 9 types of dragons in the game. These 9 different dragons include the sea dragon, the flame dragon, the ice dragon, the nature dragon, the terra dragon, the dark dragon, the war dragon, the metal dragon and the light dragon.

These dragons have different powers and capabilities. A player gets a dragon by using his money. The costliest of the dragons are the war dragon and the dark dragon. It takes a player approximately 8 hours to develop a dragon into its full potential. He earns more money by collecting gold, coins and gems which he uses to incubate the dragon eggs, to hatch them, and then to feed the dragons.

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Dragon City Games Online.com offers free hacks and cheats of the Dragon City Game played by online gamers all over the world through Facebook. When a player downloads the free cheats and hacks on this website, his chances of winning over the other players will dramatically increase. Players can get the free hacks at http://dragoncitygamesonline.com/dragon-city-hacks/.

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