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Dragon Medical 11 and SpeechMike III Package Is Now on Sale at Recorders.com


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2012 -- Recorders.com, the country’s top supplier of digital dictation and speech solutions, is currently offering a couple of promotions that center around Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

First, the website is offering a discounted package that includes both Dragon Medical 11 and SpeechMike III. Also, customers who make an eligible purchase of Dragon Medical Practice Edition will receive free support for a year.

As it explains in an article on Recorders.com, Dragon Medical Practice Edition is the most successful speech recognition solution in the industry’s entire history, as well as the most popular.

“It is used by over 100,000 providers in the U.S. today to document care, directly in an EMR, in Microsoft Word, or in other clinical software,” the article noted, adding that Dragon Medical Practice Edition is available with a headset or with SpeechMike III, which is a favorite of many physicians. In fact, many doctors report that using Dragon Medical can make practicing medicine even more enjoyable.

“The SpeechMike has long been the number one selling handheld microphone in the medical industry. The SpeechMike III offers a powerful way to dictate and control applications in one device.”

For customers who are new to the Dragon Medical family, Recorders.com offers in-depth tips and advice that explain many of the product’s impressive features, as well as why they can be so helpful to the people who use the device.

For example, the Dragon Medical Practice Edition helps physicians and other professionals who use it dictate their notes in their own words, rather than “cookie cutter” notes that are part of other devices. This will lead to the notes being more meaningful and accurate. In addition, Dragon Medical’s voice controlled performance makes the documentation process easier.

Another popular feature is the way the device will automatically remove extraneous words like “um” and “ah,” as well as distracting background noise.

The quality of the recordings with the SpeechMike III are outstanding; the microphone has earned a 5 star rating and the programmable function buttons helps make the device easier to customize to the physician’s or other professional’s specific needs.

The Dragon Medical Practice Edition has received positive reviews from customers of Recorders.com.

“Recorders.com is simply the best!” a happy customer noted in a review that is posted on the website. “We are able to use Dragon Medical in a variety of ways, direct dictation and with our mobile devices, the accuracy and service is near perfect.”

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