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Dragon Medical Speech Solutions Expert MedicalVAR.com Unveils Website's New Live Chat Feature


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2012 -- For fast-paced industries such as the medical field, time and accuracy is important. By using the right dictation software, transcriptions can be recorded in a less tedious and faster manner, allowing professionals to spend more time evaluating the data rather than correcting miniscule errors.

Physicians in need of work flow and voice solutions have always put their trust in one expert, MedicalVAR.com. Due to the team’s 20 years of combined voice solutions experience, MedicalVAR.com has helped hundreds of clients increase their practice’s profits, multiply patient visits, save money, and maximize their efficiency by connecting them to Value Added Resellers. By collaborating with MedicalVAR.com’s Value Added Reseller partners, each client receives a customized bundled solution of voice technology products that will seamlessly fit their practice.

Lately, MedicalVAR.com’s visitors have experienced easier connections to value added resellers due to the website’s addition of a live chat feature.

Through live chat, a MedicalVAR.com representative connects clients to a reseller. To ensure the ideal client-reseller match, clients are asked to fill out a ticket with information about the program that they are using and what they need help with. Upon accessing the ticket, MedicalVAR.com’s representatives review the information and pair the client with a knowledgeable reseller that can assist them in solving technical issues. The website’s partners are knowledgeable in all areas of their products, including customization, troubleshooting, and support.

MedicalVAR.com encourages any questions about their services or their value added resellers’ products. To contact the company, individuals are asked to fill out and submit the form on MedicalVAR.com’s “Contact” page.

Customers are also welcome to request demos of any products from MedicalVAR.com. At present, the company works with brands such as Dragon, Olympus, and Sony, in addition to other transcription aid products.

About MedicalVAR.com
With over 20 years in voice solutions experience, MedicalVAR.com’s team is dedicated developing speech management solutions for medical professionals. The website connects medical professionals to Value Added Resellers who can provide them with work flow solutions to increase patient visits, eliminate transcription costs, enhance reporting insurance tiers, and maximize their practice’s profits. MedicalVAR.com’s team is able to assist any medical professional with finding the correct reseller, in addition to offering quality advice on the best input devices and more. For more information, please visit http://medicalvar.com