Nuance Press Announces 2-Volume Collection of the Best of Fantasy and Horror Artist D X Stone

Dreaming Dark: The Fantasy Art of D X Stone (Vol. I) & Dreaming Light: The Fantasy Art of D X Stone (Vol. II)


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2012 -- "If Jung was right, then everything I've ever done has been a self-portrait," says D X Stone, artist, writer, poet, singer/songwriter and humorist, among several other constantly shifting identities.

Stone has been painting and drawing for 35 years, but has, for a number of odd and interesting reasons, remained relatively unknown to most within the genre of fantasy and horror. Now Nuance Press is proud to announce its very FIRST release: A pair of companion volumes of some of the very best of this obscure artists's works, including paintings in oil and watercolor, pastels and digital media, as well as b&w works, most of it never before published in any form.

The two complementary volumes divide the artist's output evenly between dark and light. The first focuses on images of nightmare and horror; the second deals with lighter fantasy, images of myth, magic and whimsy,

The design of these books is particularly novel in the use of creative typography in the written content, and even moreso in the fact that this content is made up almost entirely of quotes from artists, writers, poets and thinkers from every age, most related to the subjects of dreams and nightmares. The whole is structured in such a way as to create a poetic narrative on art, reality, and the ever-inexplicable nature of our mysterious universe.

Not just an ordinary collection of art, these books provide a fascinating look into the interior of an artists's psyche, and an interesting and stimulating meditation on the big questions of existence itself.

Both volumes are 8 x 10 inches, 60 pages plus covers. Forewords by the artist. Available now on

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About Nuance Press
Nuance Press is a brand-new startup small publisher operating in San Diego, CA. This twin-volume release is the very first such from the company. For more information about Nuance Press on this or coming releases, please visit or call 619-248-7970.