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Dragon® Medical Practice Edition Comparisons Now Available Through MedicalVAR.com


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2012 -- Fast-track workplaces, such as medical offices, often depend on speech recognition software to help the environment operate smoothly. By utilizing 99%-accurate speech recognition solutions such as Dragon® Medical Practice Edition, physicians around the world are eliminating transcription costs, improving physician and patient satisfaction, and maximizing their practice’s profits.

For years, MedicalVAR.com has devoted themselves to helping clients find cost-effective voice recognition solutions for their offices. MedicalVAR.com connects medical professionals to value added resellers so that to maximize the potential of businesses. The company’s value added resellers provide training, installation, or purchasing assistance on all of the transcription products available on the website.

“Value added resellers provide a bundled solution of products and services that are more than just buying a box off a shelf,” states an article on MedicalVAR.com. “They can walk you through training or support issues that may arise and make your installation a breeze.”

Recently, MedicalVAR.com announced the addition of a comparison chart to their website. The chart, which allows clients to view individual features of several Dragon Medical Practice Edition software applications, also permits them to compare and contrast the features. MedicalVAR.com’s new comparison feature will help clients decide if upgrading their software is right for their business.

Individuals who have tried Dragon Medical Practice Edition have praised the software’s innovative characteristics, especially its accuracy.

“Dragon Medical Practice Edition is unbelievable,” said cardiologist Dr. Andrew Fireman in his review of the software. “To be able to get all of your work done, dictate, and send out letters with no lag time makes our whole office infinitely more efficient.”

MedicalVAR.com encourages any individuals with questions to contact them immediately. Clients seeking voice recognition software solutions can use MedicalVAR.com’s Live Chat feature to immediately get in touch with a value added reseller.

About MedicalVAR.com
With over 20 years of voice solutions experience, MedicalVAR.com’s team is dedicated to developing speech management solutions for medical professionals. The website connects medical professionals to Value Added Resellers who can provide them with work flow solutions that increase patient visits, eliminate transcription costs, enhance reporting insurance tiers, and maximize their practice’s profits. MedicalVAR.com’s team is able to assist any medical professional with finding the correct reseller, in addition to offering quality advice on the best input devices and more. For more information, please visit http://MedicalVAR.com