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Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- There was a time when the universe was made up with darkness. A group of dragons was created out of chaos. However, the dragons craved for more away from their own genre. Morgath was the chief of dragons and he applied his great power to make the world, woods, seas and sky. Sequentially, the other dragons applied their power to introduce new races to wander the land. In-game currency in Dragon’s Prophet is Dragon’s Prophet Buy Gold. On the 23rd of March, 2012, Runewaker Entertainment declared its new Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, Dragon’s Prophet. Runewaker would also work together with Aeria Games that publishes the game inJapan.

The game rotates around an imaginary world in which human fighters along with the dragons to take part in the combat to gain the victory over insuperable odds. On the 19th of October, 2012, Sony Online Entertainment, SOE revealed the fact that an agreement between SOE and Runewaker Entertainment took place in the areas of licensing and launching partnership in North America. Place an order for your Dragon’s Prophet Gold in your most beloved online gaming house. Gold will help you gather the necessary things in the game. Collect your Dragon’s Prophet Gold from your nearest online gaming house to make your gameplay easy and enjoyable

As the world is made by the other dragons, it is named as Auratia. This is a splendid and nice land. This land is full of great and stronger dragons along with their relatives. On Auratia, the dragons used to live peacefully for many thousand years. It was running well unless the darkness started developing gradually in the thoughts of Morgath. Morgath started thinking of becoming a dreadful dragon, The Devourer. Morgath asked for a meeting with his most dependable partners including the silver dragon, Lysia as well as the black dragon known as Kronos. Morgath was cautious of his own death. He began to impart his wisdom to Lysaia as well as his strength to Kronos before he departed. You can find the dragons each and everywhere as it is the dragon-based world. There are 300 more distinctive dragons wandering the land. You need to fight, hold, instruct and ride them to release their distinctive skills and abilities. Place your order for Dragon’s Prophet Gold from your most esteemed online gaming house in advance. The beta test will take place within a few months.

You can find an action-based combat system. Dragon’s Prophet applies an auto-target along with the combo process to introduce the more practical action gameplay to the player. This process makes an upper degree of control with a wide range of tactical alternatives in comparison to the conventional MMOs. Dragon’s Prophet introduces a gorgeous immersive world. The players are brought towards a breathtaking world that is filled with astonishingly detailed landscapes. The secrecies, threats and creatures are all waiting as the players are to survive in the world of Auratia. To make your character equipped with advanced weapons and gears from, you need to procure Dragon’s Prophet Gold from your nearest online gaming house.

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