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Drainmen Plumbing Announces Free Camera Inspection with Drain Cleaning


Pottstown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2015 -- Drainmen Plumbing is currently offering free camera inspections with their drain cleaning services. The company proudly serves Montgomery, Berks, Chester and Delaware counties from their offices in Pottstown, PA. The company's services range from routine drain cleaning to complete excavations, and are available for both residential and commercial properties.

Drains clog for a number of reasons. Kitchen drains clog because of food and grease buildup. Bathroom drains often clog because of hair. Sometimes other foreign objects can clog drains, like toys or soap. Regardless of the cause, clogged drains are a major inconvenience for everyone. Drainmen's team of licensed plumbers are equipped to unclog any drain, regardless of the cause.

Some plumbers use old-fashioned tools like snakes and cables for heavy-duty jobs, but Drainmen's reliable jetting service is a much more effective way to get the job done. Their nozzles cut through grease, plow through roots and dig through sand and silt to powerfully unclog drains.

Prior to performing the actual unclogging service, Drainmen plumbing provides their customers with a free birds-eye view of their drain blockage with their Drainmen Cam. This is an invaluably useful diagnostic tool that enables property owners and technicians to get a good idea of what they are dealing with.

Drainmen backs their drain cleaning service with a 1-year guarantee. They are also currently offering 20% off all drain cleaning services.

For more information about their services and current promotional offers, call Drainmen Plumbing at 484-366-9362 or visit their website at http://www.drainmenplumbing.com.

About Drainmen Plumbing
Drainmen Plumbing offers budget-friendly services to residential and commercial properties in Bucks, Montgomery, Berks and Delaware counties. Drainmen Plumbing uses their own equipment to perform drain cleanings, pump installations, excavations and gas and water leak inspections. Customers have turned to Drainmen Plumbing for over 10 years because of the company's affordable prices, service guarantees and 24/7 emergency availability.

For more information, or to find out about their current promotional discounts, visit their website at http://www.drainmenplumbing.com.