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Draper, UT Police-Vests Have a New Longevity Tool from VestRest.com: Local Military-Officers Approve "Vest Rest" Ballistic Vest Storage System Distribution from Websites Like PoliceOne.com, Police-Link, and AmericanBodyArmor.com


Draper, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- Humans have been wearing armor for thousands of years. Ancient tribes fastened animal hides and plant materials around their bodies. The warriors of ancient Rome and medieval Europe covered themselves in metal plates before going into battle. By the 1400’s, armor in the Western world had become highly sophisticated. With the right armor, one is invincible. All that changed with the development of cannons and guns (1500’s). These weapons hurl projectiles at a high rate of speed, giving them energy to penetrate metal. One can increase the thickness of traditional armor materials, but they soon become too cumbersome and heavy.

Hard body armor offers more protection than soft body armor, but it’s cumbersome. Police and military personnel wear this sort of protection when there is high risk of attack. For everyday use, most wear flexible, soft body armor that one wears like an ordinary jacket.

It wasn't until the 1960’s that weapons engineers developed a reliable bullet-resistant armor that was comfortable. Unlike traditional armor, this soft body armor is not made out of pieces of metal; it’s formed from advanced woven fibers that can be sewn into vests and other clothing. Hard body armor, made out of ceramic or metal plates, functions the same way as medieval iron suits worn by knights: It’s hard enough that bullets are deflected. Thus, the armor material pushes out on the bullet with the same force with which the bullet pushes in, so the armor is not penetrated.

How much is a life and the lives of others worth? Proper maintenance of equipment will create safety for the owner and others. Every so often an innovative product is created that is so incredibly intelligent that it begs the question: Why wasn’t that thought of before? This is true of VEST REST! This gear is critically important; why not start maintaining the bullet proof vests’ the very best way possible? Most officers use a flimsy wire hanger to store their valuable body armor or toss it inside their locker with no support. Don’t ignore safety.

The “VEST REST” Ballistic Vest Storage System gives body armor the support and the shaping that it needs to air-out and dry-off. VEST REST will preserve the natural shape of the vest. The VEST REST's elastic will last longer and the armor panels won’t bunch or create permanent folds that annoy many when wearing the vest. Now protection can be protected! If one is going to protect their life, and they are, then they need comfortable, dry armor. The VEST REST product is engineered to effectively hang 50 lbs of armor with no maintenance it at all. VEST REST has powder coated the VEST REST so it withstands sweat, resists odors, oils, salts or other contaminants. The shape of the cage was created to maximize air flow. WARNING: Storing the vest like that can void your manufacturer’s warranty and create other problems like mold and mildew.

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Vest Rest Flak Vest Hanger Instructional Video

Ballistic-vest manufacturer’s-warranty may actually be of a surprise:

“This warranty does not apply if the company’s examination determines that the body armor system has been subjected to misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, alteration, breakage, interruption, damage, improper storage or handling. FAILURE TO CLOSELY FOLLOW THE USE AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS CONTAINED IN THE USE AND CARE MANUAL ACCOMPANYING THIS PRODUCT WILL AUTOMATICALLY VOID THIS WARRANTY IN ALL RESPECTS.”

If one ownes a vest, they need the VEST REST for each ballistic vest. The VEST REST can be used over and over for all storage needs.
For “
Vest Rest” Installation Guidelines. Be Prepared.

“Vest Rest” (Patent Pending) is a creative ballistic-vest storage-system company from Utah (circa 2006). Founder, Mikal Wersland, prime mission is: To Protect Those That Protect Our Freedoms. “Vest Rest” is helping to protect service people worldwide by prolonging the life and viability of their vests.