Dre McCray Starts Fundraiser via Rocket Hub for "Kingdom Promise: Empowering Entrepreneurs-Transforming Communities"

Dre McCray is looking to raise $200,000 via Rocket Hub to help entrepreneurs start, grow or expand.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2014 -- Dre McCray represents a nonprofit Christian organization created to help entrepreneurs start, grow or expand small businesses by providing loans to low to moderate income, minority, women and immigrant entrepreneurs.

Most people know how difficult it is to get funding to start a business from banks or other lending sources. This is because they are in the business to make money not to help people Dre loves the concept of crowd funding and believes there is synergy between crowd funding and his organization.

Crowd funding can get people started and Kingdom Promise can get them across the finish line with additional funding, training and consulting. Ultimately, Kingdom Promise looks to help people achieve dreams and transform lives. It is amazing what they can do when they combine their resources.

Kingdom Promise was formed to help because this team cares about people and their communities. Small businesses are the engines that drive the economy, create jobs and increase household income. When jobs are created in the communities, everybody wins because it stimulates the economy and neighborhood development in disadvantaged areas.

The best part of supporting Kingdom Promise is it is "the gift that keeps on giving" because the donations recycle themselves as the loans are paid back. So, in essence, by donating for this campaign, the backers will be helping many people in the community continually.

Kingdom Promise in its start-up phase and will utilize the funds to do their initial loans as they continue to develop relationships with private foundations, corporations and other grant resources. This project’s goal is to be funded through the generosity of partners and to access the millions available through the SBA and CDFI Fund once they reach the required benchmarks. This way they can maximize their reach and impact the most entrepreneurs and communities possible.

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