Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary Comes to Rescue Once Again


Mobile, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2015 -- Who says that there is no one to protect neglected and abused animals, especially, horses! Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary, a non-profit organization in Mobile has dedicated great time, energy, and resources to saving horses from kill lots across the country and is now putting their efforts in making land secure for these horses as well. Recently, they managed to save about 23 horses around East Coast. These beautiful animals are named Hope, Chance, Rebekah, Domino, Rocky, Cheerio, Grace, Midnight, Baylie, Brownie, Buttercup, Asher, Anna, Trigger, Apple Jack, Galaxie, Frosty, Sky, River and 4 unnamed surrenders along with a beautiful foal whose abused and rescued mother was so ill she died during her birth.

Some of these animals sadly suffer from a number of medical diseases including pneumonia and cancer.Others have simply lived long, hard lives and were of no use to their owners any longer. But according to Arianna Morgan, founder and President of Dream Acres, "there is no reason to give them a death sentence. This country was built on the strength of our horses' backs. They are beautiful and loving animals. They are emblematic of the American pioneer spirit. And they deserve humane treatment in our modern world and at Dream Acres; we offer our horses a life where there is love, trust and hope. Our goal is to provide these animals with a second chance to live the life they deserve."

In light of this recent 'kill lot rescue' Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary is now hoping volunteers will step forward to help provide these horses with much needed shelter, or by helping make sure they receive proper food and medical attention. These needs are immediate and ongoing as, for example, the Sanctuary currently has a pregnant mare that has been in an equine ICU clinic since the beginning of last week. She needed several plasma transfusions, as well as high doses of antibiotics to kill off the deadly cells that are in her lungs. Just today, she had 7 liters of fluid removed from her lungs. Her medical bills will easily exceed $5000.

Thus,Ms. Morgan and Dream Acres are appealing to the people of the state, and even across the country,to step forward and help make a real difference in the lives of these animals.

According to Ms. Morgan, an average expenditure to house a rescued horse is about $30 per day. Moreover, a mere medical intake costs $150, and that's in addition to the cost of any care that becomes necessary. As Ms. Morgan further notes, "supporting this effort along with Dream Acres, will provide a real opportunity to show what good people I know we are.I believe wefeel so much better when we do something important in our lives, and helping to save these noble, loving, and needy animals will have a lasting impact on not only them, but also on those who open their hearts to help them and to also help support our dedicated team at Dream Acres."

To Donate
To donate for these horses, or to help sustaining Dream Acres in all the other good work they do, please go online to http://www.dreamacres.org/#!donate/ctzx as every penny helps. For those preferring to send a check and are able to share a part of their budget, our mailing address is Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary PO Box 160062Mobile, Al 36616

About Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary
Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary is a non-profit organization located in Mobile, Alabama. Donations to Dream Acres Equine Sanctuary are tax deductible. The Sanctuary is dedicated to saving horses from being ignored, abused, abandonment, and slaughter and provides neglected, abused and retired horses a place to live their lives in a tranquil loving environment. Learn more at http://www.dreamacres.org, follow us on Twitter at #2saveahorse and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dreamacresequinesanctuary

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