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Dream Hair USA Goes International Shipping Hair Weave Products Directly to Consumers

With growth of popularity of hair weave products, quality virgin hair extensions are in big demand internationally, says DreamHairUSA.com


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- According to a recent report released by the Professional Beauty Association, the beauty industry has experienced a 28.5 percent increase over the past two years in the number of US salons offering hair extensions. Reasons for the increase in popularity seem to be two-fold: celebrity influence and an onslaught of new technology available for applying the extensions.

With the growing popularity both in the US and internationally, a number of online retailers have begun selling the extensions, however, all grades of extension hair are not equal. Dream Hair USA spokesperson Jessica Harroway explains the problem facing the industry today. "A great deal of the human hair sold on the internet and in stores is Non Cuticle Hair. For the most part, this hair is taken from donors and put into into large piles with other hair before being sent off for production. The largest problem with this is that no care is taken ensuring the individual strands of hair are kept aligned in the same direction. To accommodate for these misaligned hairs, manufacturers strip the cuticles through an acid bath process. They then apply silicone to the hair as a protective layer, creating yet another problem, because once washed, the silicone deteriorates or is completely gone, exposing the damaged hair beneath, which easily becomes caught or snagged on other misaligned strands."

To that end, Harroway says Dream Hair USA only sells premium quality virgin hair extensions and hair care products. Harroway explains, saying, "Virgin Hair is completely natural, which means it's unprocessed hair, and has none of the chemicals such as relaxers, perms, coloring and silicone. The true natural structure of the hair is still together, and no harm has been done to the cuticle. Additionally, the hair is double wefted, which means it's double sewn to eliminate shedding." She goes on to say the hair sold from Dream Hair USA is hair is full cuticle, meaning the hairs are aligned with cuticles all uniformly facing in one direction to eliminate tangling and snagging.

Because the hair has been in such demand, the company which has been in business for ten years as a wholesale supplier is now proud to announce they are offering the same quality products directly to consumers internationally. Harroway confirms, saying, "We have a number of varieties. We are providers of different hair origins including Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair, as well as various textures and lengths. We are also now offering several packages for hair bundle deals and allow custom orders, too. We are also one of the few who offer a return policy." She concludes.

About Dream Hair USA
Dream Hair USA is an online retailer of premium quality virgin hair extensions and hair care products located in Atlanta Georgia. They are providers of different hair origins including Brazilian hair, Malaysian Hair and Peruvian Hair. They are proud to offer free shipping on all hair within the USA and are new providers of quality products directly to consumers internationally.