"Dream the Impossible" an Inspirational Novel by Tristan Jackson

Inspirational books have proven that they can do much more good than a great advice, this books are written to inspire you, show you a life in different light and helps to uplift you from your present state or condition to a way better place just like the name explains 'Inspire'. It is a life changing book. So it is named as 'Dream the Impossible'.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2017 -- The author of this amazing book "Dream the Impossible", a book that would help you to shape your life, is feeling proud to bring to the notice of the general this power packed book that would change the live of both youths and adults.

Dream the Impossible is the first book from the self published inspirational author Tristan Jackson. This book is packed with word of experience and inspiration from the author to assist both youths, adults scale through life's hard times and promising a change after you read this book.

This book is available on her website (link above)for as low as $15.99, and promises to be educating. This book reveals the intimate struggles and unlimited victories accomplished through prayer, faith and higher education. This book unveils tips on how to achieve success through higher education as well as overcoming adversity through Christianity and faith in God. Place your orders right away.

About Tristan Jackson
Tristan Jackson is an Inspirational author and speaker, with lots of life experiences that has helped her shape her life and make something out of herself when every other person thought otherwise.

She started writing in 2015 after struggling to scale through high school and college on her own, and since then has taken it upon herself to help enlighten to how to scale through life's obstacles with ease

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