Dreambongz Headshop Offers Artistic and Fine Bongs for Smoke


Hamburg, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2013 -- Dreambongz headshop is the ringing up shop that offers hot glass bongs with the shop’s label “Dreambongz” on it. These glass bongs are very fine with elegant designs. These can be ordered online. The outlet has many designs like Spiralbong, row spiral-series and another one with spiral and the Perc-series-one with percolatorbongs. The designs and assortment will increase steadily.

Manuel Himburg is the owner of online-dreambongz headshop. Dreambongz offers uncommon designs and extraordinary models of glass bongs with most favorable smoke pleasure. These bongs are made of high quality boron-silicate glass, with finest processing and excellent smoke quality. They forward bongs with no shipping expenses within Germany.

Headshop of Dreambongz sells exclusively online and sends the order immediately once the payment is received. The company sends impartially through DHL in a short period of time. The headshop has a very simple ordering process that is without any frustrating registering: one just needs to select the product, report the address and do the payment – select the option of the payment and the parcel will be on its way to be received by the person.

The headshop of dreambongz has its online business through which people can order cool percolators and spiral bongs by sitting at home. For more details and online shopping fun visit

The dreambongz store dispatches fast. The data of the client will be used temporarily for the order and soon afterwards it will vanish automatically. Dreambongz contains spiral and percolator bongs as well as colored heads. Spiral bongs in online dreambongz shop are of cheap prices and free from forwarding cost. Dreambongz Spiral-Series-One bong, “Stand-in Breath”, has a narrow and tall cool spiral-bong. It has very fine taste for a smoker. It is available in different colors. People will meet the owner of a Spiral-Series-One bong owner with greed.

Dreambongz ringing up shop has many classy glass bongs with percolators. Dreambongz percolator-series-one bong “Headshot XL” is a cool buy for hot smokers. It will be loved by everyone with its many colored heads.

About Dreambongz
The dreambongz heasdshop is rated #1 in town for its artistic designs. It is a label for everyone with style, taste and fragments. Dreambongz headshop has bongs at cheap prices, whether spiral or percolators. They offer free shipping throughout Germany. 100% discretion along with comfortable online procedure thus, a complicated registration procedure is not necessary.

Manuel Humburg